S.O.C.O.M.'s sophomore CD titled "Time Out" is set to release on April 24, 2007.

This CD will feature Tonex, K-Drama, Apaulsoul, UnknowN, C-Micah, JayMay Dedge-P, Doulos, and more!!  S.O.C.O.M.'s new album is set to break new grounds in Gospel Rap while provoking listeners to get right with God, Time Out for the nonsense!

The album will be available Nationwide check www.doubleswordrecords.com for a list of store locations.  Pre-Album sales will begin in March and with that all who order the CD early will receive a special discount and/or a bonus track from up and coming Double Edge Sword Records projects.  Da Clay's debut album titled "Genesis: My Life After His death" is set to release June 19, 2007 and JayMay "We Live Praise" will drop September 4, 2007.