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In quite all honestly, I have never been a big fan of John Reuben but then again a never gave his music a “hard” listen either. I’m not sure whether to classify John Reuben as Christian alternative or rap; he walks that line with his music, like some other notable artists (i.e. Toby Mac).

Well, lets get into this: Cool the underdog – is a track which basically stresses that one should not be focused on personal attainment or accolades.; Curiosity – speaks to man’s need to find something to fulfill him and the myriad of choices available to mankind.; Focus – seems to talk about how various things vie for our attention causing us to become lazy rather than focused.; Good evening – this track seems to be the mandatory party joint of the album and speaks to the desire of people to paint a nice ending, even if they are just faking it.; Make Money Money – in this song Reuben highlights the endeavors of men trying to pursue a living.; Miserable Exaggeration – this track speaks of the struggle of pride.; Sing It Like You Mean It – seems to be a message to not just talk about your dreams but act as if they are reality.; Trying Too Hard – this song appears to be giving a message to people who are trying to be something/someone they shouldn’t and should just slow their role.; Universal – this track highlights the need to take a “universal” approach and look beyond the present circumstances.; Word of Mouth – this song basically goes into the fact that there is nothing new under the sun.

Overall, the album is has a good vibe as far as it’s actually sound. Musically and sonically it is a good album, but the album seemed to lack a clear message. The album takes some biblical concepts but to the average listener it would be hard to interpret them. If you are looking for a album to challenge you theologically then this is not the album for you but if you are looking for a good album to vibe and chill out to then this would be a good cop.

Label: Gotee Records

Release Date: February 6 2007

Track Listing:

1.   Sing It Like You Mean It  
2.   Trying Too Hard  
3.   Make Money  
4.   Focus  
5.   Word Of Mouth  
6.   Miserable Exaggeration  
7.   Universal  
8.   Curiosity  
9.   Cool The Underdog  
10.   Good Evening

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