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Carriers of the Cross have dropped their latest CD, "Against the Grain" in collaboration with Holy Hip Hop Music/EMI Gospel. The CD celebrates the power that Christians have through the goodness of God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Carriers do an excellent job of lifting up His name and relating their lyrics to the relevant topics of this modern day.

Songs like "Who You Rep?" and "On a Mission" bring thoughtful rhymes along with catchy hooks to keep the listening audience in tuned with their message. Carriers also spit solid rhymes about living Christ-like and not just being a light when only behind the mic on the song "Beyond the Mic".

I admit that I am not a great fan of every beat on "Against the Grain". Most of the tracks are familiar and don't really deviate from the CD’s formula, with the exception of "The Rebirth Remix" which brings a reggaeton flavor. And along with that, on most of the songs the Carriers have an offbeat flow which, albeit their steez, doesn't compliment the style of the track, once again, with the exception of “The Rebirth Remix".

In a nutshell Carriers have brought a reputable product in "Against the Grain". While absolutely strong in its message, there are some weak spots in the presentation. In the future it would be great to see Carriers of the Cross rocked more reggaeton-styled rhymes, as that seems to be a strongpoint in their arsenal. 


Release Date: August 15 2006

Record Label: Holy Hip Hop Music

Track Listing:
01. Anthem Live
02. Against The Grain
03. Black Hole
04. On A Mission
05. Madd Flo
06. Dad
07. Warriors
08. Who You Rep?
09. Beyond The Mic
10. The ReBirth REMIX
11. Letter From The Grave
12. Introspect

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