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Webster's Dictionary defines the word classic as: serving as a standard of excellence; of recognized value.   Historically memorable.  After to listening to all fifteen tracks from Braille's "Box of Rhymes" there was no other word that came to mind.   This album is truly a standard of excellence and a work to remember.  You can put this cd in, hit play and let the entire project ride.   It's hard to point out my favorite tracks so I'll toss up a coin and choose a track. 


One of the many tracks that knocks down the door is "I Wouldn't Do It" produced by Dert; feat: Sivion, Theory Hazit, Big Rec & Surreal.  Man this track is hottttt and I don't think Kanye West himself could've made it hotter!   These cats drop poetry about being strong in their beliefs and not selling out their faith for any amount of money.   The only thing I didn't like about this track…it was too short.  


The next track that slaps you in the face has that classic R&B vibe. Cool, laid back, smooth and produced by none other than Tony Stone called "Antenna".  This track not only gave me a good vibe, but it featured : Nehemiah Booker & Speech from Arrested Development.  I thought it was a nostalgic touch to bring in this old school cat and Speech proved he still has it.


"Everything Changed" paints a picture of Braille asking God to open his eyes, heart, mind, body & soul to anything he maybe doing to keep him away from God.   Letting the listener know that once Jesus came into his life that simply everything changed.  This track was well produced by Relic.  The beat is nice, the vibe and a good use of hip-hop elements.


This has been one of Braille's most personal recordings.  I think it was excellent move on his or the labels part to use a variety of producers.   These cats really gave him some competitive tracks that complimented his style and vocal ability.  There is no doubt of his faith and convictions in his music, but his way of delivering can invite the hardest critic in to listen with an open mind.   Braille has opened up for major recording artist such as De La Soul and was recently on tour opening for the late James Brown.  I pray Braille can make it to Nashville one day and bless the city with his skills.  Braille by no means is a rapper, he is an emcee.   There is a difference.  Anyone can rhyme two sentences or words.  An emcee can paint a picture with words, make it look easy and still capture your attention like an alarm went off.   Braille will be an inspiration for years to come for many and I look forward to a very long career from Braille.

Producers: Tony Stone, Dert, Theory Hazit, Relic, DJ Essence, Ohmega Watts, Stro, Kontent & Exampler.

Label: HipHop Is Music

Release Date: 2006

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