Official Night Owls 3 Track listing

The third installment of the popular “Night Owls” hip hop compilation series is back with an official street date and a new distributor. 

03/27/07 marks the first Syntax Records product to be distributed by number one independent distribution company Koch Entertainment. This will be the most widely distributed Night Owls to date. This project will be available at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Family Christian, as well as your favorite independent music retailers throughout the nation. Check out the official track listing:

1) “Start From Scratch” – DJ Wise

2) “Move On” – Man of War

3) “Lost Boys” – SolSeekers (Capture & JustMe)

4) “Big City of Dreams” – RedCloud (feat. Pigeon John)

5) “It’s My Time” – MotionPlus (feat. Theory Hazit)

6) “Yours and Mine” – Braille, Illtripp, & ArtOfacT

7) “Technique” – Def Shepard

8) “Back” – CAS METAH of Scribbling Idiots

9) “What You Know” – Tre9, S.O.M., & Cy

10) “Sole Control” – NoVA Infinite

11) “Get Up” – Kaboose

12) “Lifetime Season” – Squashy Nice & AD

13) “Hidden in The Bushes” – Freddie Bruno, k-Drama, & Dirt

14) “Guilty by Association” – Braille of Lightheaded

15) “Hundreds” – Spoken Nerd, Absent Minded, & Luke Geraty

16) “Got It Get It” – LA Symphony

17) “The Principle” – Urban D., Spec, & Los-1

18) “Chiropractor’s Goldmine” – MaxOne (feat. Sam Hart)

19) “Thank You and Good Night” – DJ Promote

Syntax Records has already begun the submission process for Night Owls 4. The final deadline is 3/15/07. With a summer street date, those wishing to take part will have to have their submissions into Syntax Records by 3/15/07. Send mp3 submissions to Now, with a solid distribution partner Syntax will be dropping a new Night Owls every six months. 


Written by Rapzilla

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