The young inspiring/trend-setting  Hip-hop artist, Jacob Izrael, is back in action with his new full length disc
"Even Louder". "Even Louder" is the follow up disc from Jacob Izrael's earlier Ep "Louder" (dropped 1st quarter of 2006).

After creating such a buzz on the Internet and in the streets, J.I. decided to add more hits to this street classic "Louder". "I figured it was too early to give the public another Lp, so I came up with the concept of getting "Even Louder" says Jacob Izrael. The earlier released featured artist such as: Playdough of DeepSpace 5, Knine, Sharlok Poems of L.A. Symphony. Adding more songs to this classic had to be one of Jacob Iz's smartest moves in the business.

Jacob Izrael reached out to two of Christian Hip-hop biggest names k-Drama and Pettidee. k-Drama and J.I. goes real hard together on the track titled "Yahweh", a track that explains how people are so quick to put their trust into themselves other than the true and living G-d named "Yahweh". Pettidee and J.I. represents for the real gang bangers on the track "Whoa", this track simply begs gangsters to put down their pistols and cease the violence. The track "Godly Life" is the lead single from the album, catching the ear and attention of Program Directors/Music Directors/Mix tape D.J.s/and concert promoters. Jacob Izrael's "Even Louder" is about to make some noise in 2007 and beyond.