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Soul P has released his new album "The Premiere" with Beatmart recordings, and we had the opportunity to talk with him about it.


What do you want to accomplish with your new album "The Premiere?"
Pretty much I want people to see a different of me as a artist style etc… This is a party record its fun and its serious when I'm dealing with certain issues that is see in everyday life when I walk the street. And hopefully this record will touch the Souls that listen to it in a good way and put you in a good mood and also have you thinking about the simple things in life and appreciate those things.

ImageWhy the title "The Premiere?"
Since this is my first record on a label we called it The Premiere like I'm stepping into a new and improved stage of my career as a artist and this is The Premiere for that stage in my life.

What inspired you writing the songs?
What always inspires me is just life and what I face everyday and I what I see that’s it, I write on experiences mostly what I have encountered in my life and stuff I see people go thru, just the everyday things that surround you.

Which song speaks to you the most and why?
The songs that speak to me the most right now are, Hold on And hold on because I have lost a lot of close people in the past 5 years and 2 in the last year and my mother is going through a trying time right now, and that song is real personal that people can relate with and right now that song is the one that I listen to the most. And also All I want because that is where I am at right now all I want is to be honestly right in Gods eyes and I am striving for that everyday.

Your new album is a lot different from your past work, why the change?
I just wanted to do something new and fresh and have fun and that’s what we did was had fun and I had a good time making record.

Image How is it to be with Beatmart?
Lovely that’s how it is

How did you sign with the label?
Long story short I did a song on best of submissions Vol 2 and Todd loved the song and he really like my flow and voice on the record he gave me a call we built for almost a year the chemistry and the vision matched and there you have Soul P. Signed to Beatmart

Is it still Soul Plasma? or just Soul P?
Its all the same.

If you had to change music style, what would it be?
R&B cause I love R&B and I would be so passionate if I was a singer lol

What are you currently playing in your mp3 player?
A lot of stuff but I really been digging Lupe Fiasco record he has some good stuff on there but really l listen to a lot of stuff.

What artists and producers do you want to collab with?
Artist Jony Lang and producer right now it would have to be Dre.

Image How did you get born again?
I always had a reverence for God all my life, But it was 98 and I got a out of jail from doing 9 months and my mom ask me to go to a youth group and I told her and then I decided I would go with her and when I went they were rapping in the church and I thought It was coo that they did that cause I didn’t know they rapped in church and that night I went to the alter and gave my life to Christ and being walking this road everysince It aint be easy but its better than my life before this God Grace is something that I needed and im glad God gave us Grace

Any testimony in your life you want to share?
The main thing I would like to share and encourage people with is to keep faith in God never give up on God, God is always on time and he will always be there trust God more than you do People and understand that people are human and they make mistakes but don’t blame God for a mans problem or mistake or whatever understand that God has nothing but Good planned for you and if we follow God with all of are heart are lives will be a lot better.

What's your favorite:
– Country: The States
– Food: Pasta
– Movie: Right now Pursuit of Happyness
– TV Show: Heros
– Bible Verse: Matthew 6:33
– Book of the Bible: Romans
– Music style: I enjoy everything but I really love Hip Hop
– Producer: Hot ones
– Rapper: Who ever can write Great Songs

Any final words?
Right now The Premiere is in Stores Log on to www.soulpmusic.com and www.myspace.com/Soulp for more info. Thanks everybody who have supported and shown love I really appreciate it. Peace and Blessing, Soul P. 

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