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Holy Hip Hop Awards 2007

Holy Hip Hop Awards 2007

 The 2007 Holy Hip Hop week starts on January 8 – 17 at Center Stage Arena (formerly known as Earthlink Live) in Atlanta (Annual Precursor Event to Dr. M.L. King Week), honoring Ministers of the Gospel world-wide.  This will culminate in the 7th annual Holy Hip Hop showcase and Music Awards which is a Tri-Alliance Strategic Partner with Christian ministries Rapfest (Bronx, NY) and Fla.vor Fest (Tampa, FL) consisting of a combined 20 years of labor towards advancing the mission to proliferate Hip Hop Ministry world-wide, without compromise or delay. Lecrae, Knine, Bobby Bishop, Japhia Life and Shei Atkins among others are 2007 Holy Hip Hop Music Awards Honorees.

More details on www.holyhiphop.com


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