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Hiphop IS Music releasing Vinyls

Hiphop IS Music releasing Vinyls

Hiphop IS Music is releasing vinyls, so all you DJ's and collectors be sure to get them!


Surreal & Balance Vinyl “Can’t Stop the Bum Rush”

Surreal and DJ Balance “Can’t Stop The Bumrush” vinyl single.  Hiphop IS Music is partnering with Super Bro / Crosstalk out of Chicago to bring this record.  This 12” also features “Speak Facts” and “Moment In Time” plus all the instrumentals.  You can view the album cover here.  Click on the cover and you can read more info plus check out snippets of all the songs.  We haven’t heard an official release date but this should be hitting stores this month.

Braille has a limited edition (only 500 copies) vinyl single that just dropped in Germany!  Hiphop IS Music is partnering with Hiphop Vinyl out of Germany to bring this record.  The single features “Evacuate” and “Survival Movement” from the “Box of Rhymes” album plus a bonus Tony Stone remix of “Survival Movement” and a brand new song called “Cooling Out” produced by Freddie Joachim.  If your interested in owning a copy of this limited single, then check out http://www.hhv.de/item_89884.html and pick up a copy.


Braille’s German Vinyl Limited Edition

Sivion is finally hitting vinyl as well!  It’s about time.  Hiphop IS Music is partnering with River City in Japan to bring this record.  4 songs plus instrumentals featuring “I Still Love H.E.R.”, “Going Through It”, “So Perfect” and the unreleased “Hiphop IS Music remix” featuring Theory Hazit, Surreal, Reconcile (aka BigRec) and Sojourn.  Hiphop IS Music have already made arrangements to get 100 copies shipped to the states.

2007 is going to be a great year for new releases from Hiphop IS Music. It’s only January and they got 4 albums fully completed and ready to go.  Hiphop IS Music  has already been telling everyone about Theory Hazit “Extra Credit”, Sharlok Poems “Blooming Sounds” and “4 Days In Geneva”.  Hiphop IS Music are now proud to announce that they will also be releasing the U.S., Canada and Europe version of “Alive At the Assembly Line” by Othello.  Aside from those 4 records, they still have Sojourn, Reconcile (aka BigRec) and Heavy Rotation part two in the works. 


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