Everyday Process album drops March 20

Everyday Process is on a mission to use Hip Hop to impact people who normally wouldn’t set foot in a “spiritual” setting like church with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Hailing from Chester, PA, group members Mac the doulos and Iz-Real deliver a no- compromise message using Hip Hop’s magnetism to spread the truth to Christians and non-Christians influenced by or engulfed in the Hip Hop culture. Everyday Process advocates, not a retreat from that culture, but rather that Christ is relevant to Hip Hop and desires to reconcile hearts and lives with His own.

Strongly influenced by The Cross Movement, Everyday Process’ self-titled debut album describes their unique approach to communicating the gospel to the Hip Hop the listener an inside look at the Christian’s everyday process of illumination and elimination.

THE PROCESS OF ILLUMINATION: Everyday Process sheds light on God’s grand puzzle – who He is, His holiness and the problem that sinful humans face in light of it, and finally, God’s solution to this problem. Everyday Process illuminates the way to new life in Christ and exhorts believers to embrace their commission and duty in Him and His marvelous light of truth.

THE PROCESS OF ELIMINATION: The listener is led along a Hip Hop infused path to the conclusion that in the wake of John 14:6 all other religions, faiths, philosophies and ideologies are eliminated and considered null, void and false. Christ boldly declares Himself the only way to a right relationship with God, and proclaims Himself the way, the truth and the life, further declaring that no one can come to the Father except through Him. Everyday Process paints a picture of a Christian in relationship to Christ eliminating sin from their life as they grow closer to the Lord in becoming more like Him in the everyday process of sanctification.

Everyday Process brings the truth front and center for every listener to make their individual choice to choose Christ and begin the everyday process of a believer, as a work in progress, becoming more like Christ day by day. 

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