Believin Stephen's debut EP entitled "What I Believe" will be dropping in early March 2007. Believin Stephen brings forth solid lyricism and punchlines with a compassionate message over rugged bangers.

 The Philadelphia rapper lets the audience know that he is sold out for Jesus and that He is passionate about the good news that set him free from the penalty of his sin. Stephen shares what he believes on this EP: "It is necessary to boast in Jesus and not in himself; too many people hold grudges when God has offered us forgiveness and commands us to forgive; there is no such thing as a righteous person; relativism is leading people astray."

Stephen also gets transparent on a few songs dealing with family relationships with his brother and with his father and listeners will benefit from the heartfelt lines. The EP features 9 songs with production from respected producers such as Tony Stone, DJ Essence, Mac the Doulos, and The Apologist as well as other rugged east coast beats from up and coming producers. There are also a few notable guest emcees on the project including Evangel from Christcentric, Azriel, Optimus from Reformed Ordinance, and Cruz Cordero.