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Anthum EP

Anthum EP


Anthum, is a group of 5 emcees hailing from Cincinnati, Oh. They are Lesun, J-Reign,Chozen, Deacon Das, and Roman Parable

 While as solo artists they have been making a name for themselves, as a group they joined forces to record their debut Ep approiately entitled "The Anthum Ep" which was officially released for Jan. 1st, 2007. This cd release covers a wide range of topics like politics in "State of The Union", depression in the lives of many (rich,poor,save,unsaved, even as struggling artists) in "Lonely People", and also in "Coming Out", Anthum gives a thank you out to the fans who continually support the ministry. But all 8 tracks are not only told from a Christian's perspective but from a Christ perspective. The most notable thing about Anthum on this cd is their willingness to present not just the problem in a fallen culture to the listeners but a solution to it, thats Jesus. "The Anthum Ep" is firery lyrics, dope beats, and catchy hooks, but also for "in yo ears" truth. Production handled by Lesun, RocBeats, and Theory Hazit. Log on to the website to listen to music from the album or to purchase this cd for $5.99 www.brucelesun.com/anthum.htm or www.myspace.com/anthumep (Free Download). This release is also available @ The Bus Shop. 


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