Broken Vessel Records (BVR) is proud to enter the new year by announcing the unexpected sub par super group, the Soul/Addicts. Take one part Soul Fundamentals (Chef1) and two parts Insomniaddicts (microphone astronaut and The Wanderer), mix together; shaken, not stirred, and you have yourself a molotov cocktail of underground hip-hop known as the Soul/Addicts.

Chef1 was part of a little known San Francisco based hip-hop group titled the Soul Fundamentals Crew. Performing in local venues and sharing the stage with the like of Mars Ill, Manafest and Listener. His credits include producing, rhyming and graffiti art. Chef is also a member of the gospel graffiti crew as well as the frontman for the hardcore band, Heavensake.

The Wanderer is one half of the ethereal underground hip hop crew known as the Insomniaddicts. An avid wordsmith, The Wanderer pushes the proverbial envelope by forcing the reader to truly listen to the lyrics instead of just mindlessly nodding along to boom bap braggadocio. The Wanderer's credits include production and endless hours of rhyme writing on The Insomniaddicts debut CD "Eventide Revery".

Microphone Astronaut is a modern day renaissance man. From production to writing to graphic design, you name it, Micro's on it. The year of 2006 was very busy for Micro, begining with the graphic design work for Bar Wars Project (including a verse for the track "Return of the Most High"), followed up with design work for Change's self-less CD release "Penny For Your Thoughts" Micro was just getting started. Micro has kept busy all year with two CDs released within one month (The Insomniaddicts "Eventide Revery" & The Knownauts "'Nauts Landing"), a guest appearance on ArtOfacT's "Chemical Imbalance" ("Day In The Life") and another collab on the horizon with Mellow Drum Addict's debut CD "Strides Against the Half-Step" ("By Example" feat. MDA and Vex Da Vortex).

Looking to push the envelope of sound and spirituality, Soul/Addicts is striving for more of an organic, non-linear sound in the realm of hip-hop. From sampling live instruments and not necessarily staying within the given bounderies of 16 bar verses, We're not here to save the world, just here to save you from the same ol' same ol'. But if you get saved along in the process, hopefully your soul with be addicted too.

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