B4 Entertainment Recording Artists Ricky B. sets to release his new CD Great Gain in Feb of 2007 Distributed by Soul Food Muzic/Universal Records.

The new CD features some of the biggest names in the hip hop industry such as hip hop legend Kurtis Blow, Bushwich Bill of the Geto Boys, Mr. Solo of The Gospel Gangstaz, Bizzy Bone, Double R, Pettidee, K-Lee, and many more. Ricky B says, “It was a blessing being able to have all this talent jump aboard and be apart of the CD. “Great Gain” will be the CD that people will play for years to come.”

While Ricky B. was recording Great Gain, he also stayed busy working with several other music and movie projects as well. He hooked up with Adullam House Records recording artists Mr. G. Reality and Lil’ Raskull to record the song “Exit out the Game”, he also teamed up with Grammy Nominated Producer Pettidee to produce the underground hit song “Gotcha” from the C.S.G’z project Sophmore. Ricky B. has also made a special appearance in the feature film “Segregated Sunday” starring Bluegrass Singer Lawrence Bishop, and Hip Hop Artist L.G. Wise.

Also be on the look out for other B4 Entertainment Releases by Gospel Gangstaz “Street Disciples” DVD, Pettidee “The Boy Gets Live” DVD, G.wizz “Tha Decade”, Suave The Messenger “Every Verse” and others