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“The Next… Now” is a collaborative project with all of the artists on the Much Luvv Records label. The line-up consists of Mark J (who at the time of this recording was a Much Luvv artist), Enock, Cy, Colcutz and Tre9 (who is not only an artist, but is also the Founder and CEO of the label).

This long-awaited project was complete about two to three years ago and it is just now coming out. The funny about it though, is that the album does not sound dated by any means. I remember e-mailing Tony Stone (who produced all 25 tracks) and telling that I had heard some exclusives from the project. He was like “Word? I did that joint like two years ago.” I was like “Wow! For real?” The album sounded so fresh. That alone says that the production and lyrical artistry are before its time.

I’ve had the pleasure of kicking a few times with Tre9 (again, the label Founder and CEO) and was able to find out what this project was all about. He even hit me off with an autographed copy when I was down in Houston earlier this year for the Texas Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards (of which Tre9 is also the Founder of!!!). “The Next… Now” is a double-cd project. One side being “Next” and the other being “Now.”

If you get to talk to Tre9 for any length of time, you’ll soon find out that he tries to reach not just those in the church, but those who are outside of the four walls. The concept of this album was to make music that was fun and enjoyable to listen to, while at the same time providing some spiritual sustenance – the gospel of Jesus Christ. One cd is the more feel good music side with songs like “Why Oh!” featuring Pigeon John, and Promise D’ Apostle, and “Stereotypes” featuring KJ-52 and Braille. Oh, with that said… the album doesn’t lack in guest appearances. You have everyone from Japhia Life to Tonex on this thing.

My favorite song on the album is “ThisIsHowWeDoIt,” which features all of the Much Luvv artists on one track. Not all of them join together on each track, but I really like this one.

The album is available for download at if you want to get it immediately, or if you want the album version, it’s there too.

So much music at a good price. You can’t beat it! Cop it!


Release Date: 16 January 2007

Record Label: Much Luvv Records


Written by Rapzilla

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