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So Grits is back with what is said to be their 7th and final CD with their long-lasting relationship with Gotee Records, and if the title is a glimmering proposition, Redemption, then they are far from finishing their illustrious career in hip hop. Bonafide and Coffee don't relax and sit back and watch the sun set as if this is their swan song, but they continue to spit harder than even, as if they are making a statement that a label cannot and will not define their place in the hip hop memoirs. Redemption is a captivating CD, hittin' you hard as Grits bring skilled lyricism to fresh red dirt laced, southern fried, bangin' tracks.

Grits grind below the Mason Dixon Line on tracks like "Tight Wit These" and the CD opener "We Workin'”. Another eventful track is "Memories" (bangin' much harder than the Barbara Streisand classic from Cats). If you ain't hungry before listening to this reminiscing session you will be by about the 3 minute mark. Just a warning for most of us cats up north, Bonafide proudly big ups a plate of pickled pig feet so don't lick your chops too hard (*throws up a little). Okay, I’m back. Seriously, "Memories" is definitely gonna be blasting speakers and tweeters at many a spring/summer BBQ's in 07.

More mellow joints like "Soul Cry" and "You Said" hit a soft spot in even the hardest hip hopper hearts as they apply spiritual layers to relevant topics. On "You Said" Coffee shares, "Like spackle when it's mixed/applied to cracks in the bricks/an inadequate fix for the moment only that sticks," as he laments over past broken relationships; an admirable song in which Pigeon John shines brightly, along with Grits Other appearance throughout Redemption include Antonio Neal, Brainwash Projects, btwice, Can-I-bis, and Iz.

While Redemption may rely a little too much on synth-i-sized beats, it doesn't overwhelm the listener, losing them in a pool of snaps and hi hats. Plus Grits bring a lot of experienced flows and tight melodies to the plate. Much respect to Grits and the hard work that they have put into their releases over the past 10 years. Redemption is a memorable graduation present as they prepare for their commencement and move on to what looks like continued and further success.


Label: Gotee Records

Release Date: November 2006 

Track Listing
1. We Workin'
2. Holla @ Ya
3. Heyyy
4. Tight Wit These
5. Soul Cry
6. Ambitious
7. You Said
8. We Ride
9. Memories
10. Open Bar
11. Right Back

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