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Review – G-Force Alliance – The Pilot Episode

Review – G-Force Alliance – The Pilot Episode


Get your passport ready to go overseas for a lyrical ride like never before. It seems the churches in Europe has a HHH movement and this CD puts the stamp of WE ARE GIVING GOD THE GLORY over here too.

So after going thru the sanctified customs lets see what we have with this cd from the G-Force alliance.

      From the Start we have some awesome samples to get your mouth watering then, the track Auxiliary comes in with a smooth London Underground track. First you’ll notice in this foreign land is that these men and women of God has Skills to rep the king correctly. G-Force comes together like the special Opts forces to “Bring to the streets like a Megaphone” as the emcees command the engineer to pause the Beat.

      This Whole album has a awesome blend of the Underground scene in Europe as a whole. Ricky D is one of the Main producers who did an awesome job on the boards. Somebody should ask this brother what is he using to make these tracks Yo Ricky D share the wealth.  The tracks switch up the moods from Silent City to Forrest Life Ricky D puts a lot of T.V. show samples in this CD to bring a superhero feel to this LP. Which we all know that it is a must for a underground CD that will shine for the Over-ground to the pearly Gates.

      Now this is the part I been wanting to get to the whole review after the first listen and you hit number 6 the track Usual Suspects the first Thought is “LORD JESUS who is that woman of GOD repping your kingdom like that!!” Well after many Googles and going to the G-Force website www.gforcealliance.com the woman of God who brought out this Lp was sister Tia Steward. I’m glad she is on the Lord side because the sister is serious and apparently ministry minded. She flows about life how she is not concerned about the being on the cover of the “SOURCE” but she LOVES GOD.  Also, Tia explains she is just regular and some brothers just try to get at her because she sounds cute. WHOA sounds like she is ready to rebuke (word to the wise get yo spirit right before stepping to the woman of GOD) a boldness that is needed in HHH. Praise GOD

      This Cd is filled with a lot of hotness very surprising what the Lord is doing across seas my favorite song on this entire LP is “IT”S A SHAME”. This track is worth the entire price of the cost of this cd. It brings in the missing/Lost art of Storytelling in Holy Hip hop. There is any a few that has this quality this man of God and (ZEE “living Proof”). This track starts off with a beat that is like none other on this cd and our narrator tells a tale about a Strong woman of God who was being used by the Lord to sing and with the Power of the almighty bring down the house. But, something happened she met a man and became a stripping, getting high and just wilding out. This is why in the hook are narrator says “It’s a shame/ how we take the love of our maker in vain”. I know many in the church and street can relate how some we use to know so strong in the faith fell down. This man of God who flows on this awesome track fully apologies for not calling her more often and having more discernment of looking past her face and seeing her heart. PEEP GAME GIRL!!! He quotes he didn’t see how she took her eyes off of GOD. That is a Wake up Call for the whole body of Christ.

This Cd has it all and you got to go all the way overseas to get the goodness Thank God for Paypal and the Us postal MAIL ! ! !


Label: Plattertude Recordings

Release Date: 2005


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