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Every city has their version of a mixtape.  Growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio mixtapes had little talking and about 45 minutes of non-stop music on each side of a Chrome TDK-SR 90 cassette tape.  Back in 85' we didn't have computers or cd's to burn them too.  We couldn't afford the Technics 1200 turntables.  We could only afford the $100 Gemini turntables with a Gemini/Numark mixer.   If we made a mistake while mixing it was recorded.  My name was DJ Snoop, before Snoop-Doggy Dog was known nationwide.  So the new generation is doing some different things these days and I like it.

When first listening to The Motion Plus Mixtape one thing comes to mind and that is Non-Stop.  This cat get started and never slows down.  This is a definite must have for your hip-hop music collection.   There is so much to say but where to begin.  I guess I'll start with production which is really good.  If I could say anything negative that wasn't in his favor in the area of production was that some tracks were straight rips of mainstream instrumentals.   It was either just rhyming over the tracks or rearranging words.  Don't get me wrong, they still sound good, but some heads may not respect a rhyme over an instrumental.  Personally I would rather have seen more original tracks by Motion Plus or more creative ways to sample by adding his own elements.    

"To The Beat Yall" was a very clever use of an old school sample.  But song's like "One Life" which is a straight Nas rip still gets your head bobbin, but using the music and hook format takes a little away from it.   One track that stand out overall is "Pray 2 the Lord" where the emcee's drop some strong & well delivered lyrics.  The production and originality of the music was also one point which made for a track that could be bumped on any radio station.

Lyrically the project is tight.  Sit down and listen to the topics being covered on "My 2 Pennies".  As a Hip-Hop culture we don't pay enough attention to world events & our government where we need to be more involved.   The message of Christ is very evident and clear in the music, but it does not come off preachy at all.  The mixtape does a very good job in delivering fresh lyrics with a spiritual subject matter that focuses on GOD being the center.   Some people may even feel it doesn't say Jesus' name enough, but even if you listen to mainstream Hip-Hop an emcee can sex up a whole album, mention Allah one time and everyone knows their Muslim or 5 percenter.   With Motion Plus you don't question his faith, you question when is the next cd dropping!  This is a must have to bump to & to use as a witnessing tool yo!


Label: Syntax Records

Release Date: 2006 

Track Listing
01. Intro
02. Brass Knuckle Rap (feat. Sev Statik of Tunnel Rats & deepspace5)
03. Hot Bars (feat. Cas Metah & Wonder Brown of Scribbling Idiots)
04. Sonneversets
05. 2TheBeatYall (feat. Vision1 of Shadow Facts)
06. Can't Stop The Mo Plus
07. Keep It All Good (feat. K-Drama)
08. Channel Changer
09. My 2 Pennies
10. One Life
11. Beyond My 6th Sense (feat. MaxOne of Sackcloth Fashion)
12. Reach The Sky (feat. Kaboose)
13. Some Old Feel Good
14. StrataG and I (feat. StrataG)
15. We The Victory (feat. Freddie Bruno of Phonetic Composistion, and Theory Hazit)
16. Pray 2 The Lord (feat. Lyriz, and Man of War of Def Shepard)
17. Analyze Self

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