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Review – APX – Subtle Deception

Review – APX – Subtle Deception


Let me start off this review by being very transparent. I've never really been a fan of West Coast music. So when I was given this album to review from a West Coast cat that I've never heard of, I already had an opinion formed in my head. But I still approached this cd with an open mind…

Thank God for opening up my mind. I was pleasantly surprised by this album. This album had it all: head banging beats, thought provoking lyrics and a solid message to boot. The first track "Saving Faith" served as the perfect draw back for the remainder of the album: stressing faith alone and not focus on trying to be material rich. My Team is a song stressing the christian lifestyle. "No Game Homie" based on Acts 4:20 is a conviction to believer to continue to profess Christ in everything. "We Gon' Roll Out" based on Acts 5:42 is a message to not cease from preaching Christ. "Storm is Brewing" is an encouragement to the believer to whether the storms of life anc continue to preach Christ. "No Idea" focuses on the identity of the sinner vs. that of the believer. "Scars and Stripes" examines the penalty that Christ paid for our sin and our obligation to honor Jesus for his sacrifice with our lifestyles. "More that Music" tells the listener that this ministry is not just music but is actually lived out through the rapper. "Where the party at?" the obligatory party track showing the listener how to rock in a Godly manner. "Not of it" is basically a song stressing that we as christians should reach those in the world without becoming of the world. "Seek Disciples" illuminates the need for raising up true disciples within the church, going beyond basic evangelism. "W.I.S.E." (Win Instruct Send and Encourage) is a song instructing others to receive wisdom before being sent out. The title track "Subtle Deception" is a song exploring the masks that many christians are putting on and the real fruit of their lifestyle. "Days of Noah" examines the condition of the earth before the flood and compares it to the issues of the world today. "I'm thankful" is a dedication track where APX is thanking God for the blessings he has received, including his wife.

Overall, the album is a good cop. It comes with solid production from Kingzmen Productions, Rockit Production,s Ansane Prductions, and APX himself. The guest appearances by Tearz, Bates & John, Prophet X, Double Edge, Takim, and the SOG Crew add to the overall flavor. This is a very doctrinal sound album and for what APX may lack in rhyme schemes he more than makes up for with the passion he displays throughout the album.



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