John Reuben’s Word Of Mouth is due out February 6th. With his recent 2005 The Boy VS The Cynic, Reuben toured extensively including a 30–city nationwide stint with Pillar and Thousand Foot Crutch, as well as dates with Superchick and Sanctus Real.
  Fans can anticipate another 40-city run in support of the upcoming Word Of Mouth this spring. With five albums to his credit and sales of over 200,000 albums, John Reuben has garnered attention of new and long-time fans everywhere. In early 2006 he and his brother produced a 9-minute “pilot” using the resources from his already established career to create an exaggerated alter-ego. The clip, a mockumentary styled piece that recalls classic satires like “Waiting For Guffman”, found a large audience quickly, amassing over 175,000 views on and setting the stage for future clips.