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K-Drama is back with his latest offering Behind The Glory, with solid production from Tony Stone, Theory Hazit, Todd Collins, Redd Lettaz, and K-Drama himself (Platinum Tips). A short, 12 song, LP, all in all it looks to have a great line-up, but will it live up to expectations?

Here's the break-down:

Track 1: "Wheww!" – Looks to be a certified club banger, T. Stone never seems to disappoint. The basic premise of this song speaks of Christ's redemptive power as well as his provision.

Track 2: "at 7" – Another nicely laid Tony Stone beat, this one more jazzy and funky rather than bass heavy. A story-telling song letting the listener know to be anxious about nothing (Philippians 4:6,7). The scenario is that K-Drama needs to catch a flight at 7 and on the way encounters various obstacles from a stalling car, to getting pulled over by the police, and heavy traffic, and when he finally arrived at the airport his flight had been delayed, while God was letting him know the whole time that everything would word out.

Track 3: "Teeter Totter" – Nice banger from Platinum Tips, keys carry smooth on a dark feeling track. "Can't be American Idol, so my clay be aching, but I trust in the Potter who molds me". This song delivers a message to christians who are comproming in their ministries, telling them to truly put Christ first before their ministries.

Track 4: "Let Freedom Bang" – More heat from Platinum Tips. The song delivers a similar message to the previous song, serving to call out christians who are double-minded and letting them know they need to change their focus.

Track 5: "Trouble With The Law" – Solid track from Theory Hazit. This song is speaking on the believer's breaking the law of God but being justified through Christ's shed blood.

Track 6: "Just A Man" – Smooth track from T. Stone, reminiscent of Ghostface's "All that I Got Is You". A good outreach song, K-Drama reveals more of himself to show the listener that he's not any different than them and is "Just A Man" and goes through the same everyday struggles.

Track 7: "Honored" – Tony Stone behind the boards once again with Canton Jones on the hook. A soulful track and Canton's r&p compliments K-Drama nicely. This song basically speaks about the honor of being used by God.

Track 8: "Ohkay" – Track produced by the cup and coming Redd Lettaz. The basic premise of this song is coming from Matthew 6:25-34, letting the listener know that God will make provision and not to worry.

Track 9: "Waste of Time" – Smooth track produced by T. Stone featuring Bracey on the hook. This song confronts the issue of christian dating and it's pitfalls and that as believers our focus should be on courting for marriage.

Track 10: "Moving On" – Produced by Tony Stone. This song speaks about K-Drama's story of living on his own and learning the basic life skills to become a man.

Track 11: "Behind The Glory" – Title track produced by T. Stone, sermon introduction by Bishop Bobby Hilton, and the hook courtesy of Simple Faith. The premise of this song is simply stated in it's title, speaking on the blood, tears, and sweat K-Drama poured into this rap ministry.

Track 12: "Let's Luv Em" – Track produced by Todd Collins, featuring a familiar collaborative of K-Drama's, MC Till. This song speaks on the need for believers to show love to those outside of the church rather than judging them, with a focus on 1 Corinthians 13.

All in all this Behind The Glory appears to be a solid album. Each song has good production and the lyrics are sound, although having a little to be desired as far as rhyme schemes. This album is a good cop for any K-Drama fan or any HHH fan period.

Release Date: 12 September 2006

Record Label: This Click Records / Holy Hip Hop Records

Track Listing
01. Glory
02. Let Freedom Bang
03. Traffic Jam
04. Honored
05. Wheeewww!
06. Waste Of Time
07. Movin' On
08. Teeter Totter
09. Let's Love Em
10. Just A Man
11. Trouble With The Law
12. OhKay

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