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I must admit that I really dig the work ethic of the emcee that goes by the name of Braille.  Not only does he put out some classic hip hop material but now he has out the plow towards building a fantastic new label. And Heavy Rotation serves as a boom-bapp-etizer for what is expected to be many great releases coming out of the Hip Hop is Music camp.  
The opening joint, 'Heavy Rotation' (featuring Braille, Sivion and Kaboose) sets the tone for rest of the songs on the compilation.  Produced by Vintage, the motivating bassline draws you into the track as the emcees spit high powered rhymes.  The following cut, 'People' features Othello spittin' proper over a Tony Stone produced beat that will have you bobbin' your head until you get a crook in your neck (Icy Hot is recommended).  
More stand out tracks are the Illmind produced 'Changes' which features the Procussions and the Texas-bread Strange Fruit Project and 'My Favorite Hiphop Joint featuring Theory Hazit, produced by Dilema.  Another favorite is the Lightheaded joint 'Surprise Cipher' which sample the Minnie Riperton classic 'Inside my Love'.  Each of the smooth melodies in these tracks show a perfect balance to the classic boom bap displayed throughout the CD.
Heavy Rotation is the perfect name for the 21-track Heavy Rotation because, well, it will be in heavy rotation in most mp3 and CD players, and tape decks (some of us still have those).  Hip Hop is Music is definitely ready to make a stance for good music in the realm of hip hop.  Heavy Rotation is a great start and is highly recommended.


Release Date: 2006

Record Label: Hiphop is Music 

Track Listing
1. intro by Braille (beat by Tony Stone)
2. Heavy Rotation by Braille, Sivion and Kaboose (beat by Vintage)
3. People by Othello (beat by Tony Stone)
4. I Still Love H.E.R. by Sivion (beat by Siamese Sisters)
5. It's Like That Ya'll by DJ Idull (beat by Muneshine)
6. 4 Da Love by GreenJade (beat by Wei Da Keepa)
7. Changes by The Procussions and Strange Fruit Project (beat by Il
8. Drive by Captions (beat by Choice37)
9. My Favorite Hiphop Joint by Theory Hazit (beat by Dilema)
10. Moment In Time by Surreal (beat by MoO)
11. Butterflies by Ohmega Watts (beat by Ohmega Watts)
12. Poetry In Motion 1 by Braille (beat by Muneshine)
13. Unleashed by Bigrec (beat by Lost Mind)
14. Fresh Nostalgia by Sojourn (beat by Choice37
15. Surprise Cipher 2 by Lightheaded and guests (beat by Ohmega Watt
16. Reach by Mars Ill (beat by Dust)
17. In The Know remix by Sivion (beat by Freddie Bruno)
18. Hiphop Music remix by Braille, Sivion and Sojourn (beat by Ohmeg
19. City Life by Sharlok Poems (beat by David Santos)
20. Best of Me by Braille (beat by Choice37)
21. Slow Down by Shai Linne (beat by DJ Essence)


Written by Rapzilla

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