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Cross Movement is back, not with a new album but a compilation album with Chronicles: Greatest Hits Vol. 1. This album features songs from all 5 of their albums, with some of them remixed, along with 2 brand new tracks. Let me begin off my saying that it is very difficult to give a fair review of a compilation album, since very little of the album contains fresh material. I will give my review then on how well this album was put together, given CM's legacy of work.
Anyway, onto the album:

Chronicles contains the classic songs "Who's Da Man", "Shock!", "Cypha The Next Day", "Eyes Off Me (Rophi)", "The Rescue", "What Do You See", "On The Move", and "Lord You Are", as well as remixed tracks for "Know Me", "C to the R", "Rise Up", "It's Going Down", and "Forever". Also included are the new tracks "Da Truth Is" and "The Drawing Board. Most notably missing from this album are such classics as "Blood Spilla'", "I AM THAT I AM", "Off The Hook", "The Light", and "When I Flow… (It's Gospel)", but hey this is only volume 1, so I'm expecting those songs to be on the follow up. As for the remixed songs J.R., Mac the Duolos, Official, True Life, and Tony Stone all lend their touch to update these classics. "Da Truth Is", produced by Tony Stone, is a certified banger simply stating that they are presenting The Truth which is Jesus Christ. "The Drawing Board", produced by Mac The Doulos, has an old school feeling to it and delivers the message that anything less than the fullness of Christ presented is lacking and therefore needs to be reevalutated (back to the drawing board).

All in all, this is a good cop for any avid CM fan, or anyone who is just getting put onto CM then this would be a good starting place. The album was put together good enough, I would just like to have seen a slightly different rotation on it, as afformentioned.


Release Date: 22 August 2006

Record Label: Cross Movement Records

Track Listing 

1. Who’s Da Man
2. Shock!
3. Cypha’ The Next Day
4. Eyes Off Me [Rophi]
5. The Rescue
6. What Do You See?
7. Know Me [Huh, What?] (Remix)
8. On The Move
9. C to the R (Remix)
10. Rise Up (Remix)
11. It’s Going Down (Remix)
12. Forever (Remix)
13. Lord You Are
14. Da Truth Iz
15. The Drawing Board

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