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Minister RMB  a Youth Evangelist and Rapper finally releases his long awaited album "When the Storm Comes."  Here is an exlusive interview about his album that just came out.


What do you want to achieve with your new album "When the Storm Comes"?
My main objective is to reach the masses with the message of God's faithfulness and forgiveness, and to expose the lies that Satan has been speaking to our generation. "The devil's a PIMP…don't be his HO"!!!

ImageTell me about the album.
"When The Storm Comes" is VERY different than any other "rap or hip-hop" album currently out there. First of all, it's a lot darker & harder than the "Deeper Than Most-Marinatin" project. I speak on more relevant issues, and I'm a lot more transparent in my lyrics. Next, the collaborations on it are RIDICULOUS. David Crowder from the DC Band is on the title track. The author of "Every Man's Battle" and co-founder of New Life Ministries, Stephen Arterburn is on a song called "Every Man's Battle" where we address pornography, lust, masturbation, and sexual addiction. I have a track called "Stolen Innocence" which tells the story of a young girl who was molested by her father, which leads her to the point of suicide. Stevie Scott from American Idol sings the chorus on this chilling but truthful reality of sexual abuse. Pigeon John, Smooth of K2S, Antonio Neal, C.R.O.W., Sevin, Conflict, John Orozco, and Pastor Jake Larson also make guest appearances. Overall, this project speaks hope & life into a hopeless and dead generation.

I remember seeing ads about it years ago, what took it so long to release?
Well, ultimately I believe it wasn't God's timing back then when those ads were placed. I had a lot of maturing to do, and God allowed me to go through many more "storms", so that I could truly express what it's like when the storms of life hit us head on.

What inspired you writing the lyrics of the album?
For the most part it was my own personal experiences & struggles…such as death, sexual addiction, divorce, etc. The "storms" of my closest friends also influenced the lyrical content of this project. I would also say the lack of transparency that I see in the "church" today really fueled me to be raw in my lyrical approach. On one of my songs called "Steppin' On Toes", I say "Ain't brokeback..but Jesus loves homo's…of course He hates their sin, tell me somethin that I don't know. Religious Po' Po' always tryin to run that drag…but how you showin' Christ love, screamin' God hates fags…castin' stones when straight folks are just as bad…fornicatin' in the church & lookin at them porno mags". I really believe that God prompted me to write songs that would address issues that both Christians and non Christians could relate to. By exposing my failures and brokenness lyrically, my hope is that those who listen to this project will realize that we are all in desperate need of Jesus.

Image Why the title "When the Storm Comes"?
Because everyone is going through some sort of storm in their life right now…whether physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, or mentally. Satan is wrecking havoc in the lives of people in these last days and it's important to be reminded that JESUS is the CALMER of the STORM!!

Which song(s) on the album speaks to you the most and why?
This is a tough question, because all of the songs are very REAL to me and they speak to me in different ways that are all important in regards to my relationship with Christ. The 2 songs that stick out the most right now though are: "My Passion" and "Still Strugglelatin". "My Passion" is simply a worship song unto God that expresses my love and adoration for Him. "Still Strugglelatin" is a continuation from "Strugglelatin" off the DTM project, that allows the listener to hear how I have honestly been feeling over the past few years…Pray for RMBizzel!!!

What is currently playing in your CD player?
Aaron Strumpel of Enter The Worship Circle, Jason Upton, Sufjan Stevens, Jagged Edge, & Leeland…all of which are not rap or hip-hop 🙂 I actually listen to mainly worship, indie rock/emo, and R&B. A lot of my people are pretty shocked when they see my library of music.

What artists do you want to collab with?
All of the above artists as well as Tracy Chapman…she's just so raw. Lauryn Hill, Timbaland, and Fred Hammond would also be awesome to work with.

If you had to do another genre of music what would it be? and why?
If I had a "singing" voice I would like to do a blend of R&B and worship. I am also wanting to learn how to play acoustic guitar so I can spit gangsta' flows over some laid back guitar riffs!!


Don’t Be Pimped Clothing

How is your clothing line doing "Don't be pimped"?
Don't Be Pimped Clothing is doin' well. I mean I still get a negative responses from a lot of Christians because of the catch phrase "the devil's a PIMP…don't be his HO", but overall the message is being embraced. We are even teaming up with some EX-porn stars and EX-hookers to sport out gear. It's awesome to see how God is really allowing the DBP line to explode. Be on the look out for several new designs coming out in Spring of 07. We have also started a new division for girls & women called "MIJA-Daughter of God". ( myspace.com/mijaclothing )

Where can we purchase your album and clothing?
You can cop the new CD direct from our ministry on my myspace page @ www.myspace.com/ministerrmb . It is also available at Family Christian Stores & other hot spots across the country. Within the next month it will be available for download on iTunes. As far as DONT BE PIMPED gear, we are slangin' on the web and at my concerts, and other various outreach events. To get a T-shirt, Hoodie, Tank Top, Trucker Cap, or Babydoll T for your girl, hit us up @ www.dontbepimped.com and let the world know you ain't the devil's "HO"!!!

What's your favorite Bible verse?
"He who covers his sins will not prosper, But whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy." – Proverbs 28:13

Any last words?
Keep it GANGSTA' fo' JESUS and run with the vision God has given you. Don't just go to church…but rather BE THE CHURCH!!! Remeber that Jesus HAD to have YOU!


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