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Exclusive interview with Coffee of GRITS about their upcoming album "Redemption". Releasing November 21st.

What do you want to achieve with your new album "Redemption"?
What we really want to achieve with "redemption" is awareness of the group, plain and simple. We feel like the music has gotten some great recognition, but our faces still seem unfamiliar. Now we will tie in the image along with music.


Redemption Album

Tell me about the new album.
The new album is hot and well needed. Its got substance, which isn't the norm in what you hear in music today. Not just hip hop, but music period.
We went against the grain (once again) and did a heartfelt album, instead of a typical "radio" album. But don't get it twisted, our songs can be played on radio and make sense in the process.

What inspired you writing the lyrics of the album?

The inspiration for the lyrics are life in general. When you choose to write about yourself and your experiences, you never run out of subject matter. Writers block is ever hardly an issue.

ImageWhat's different about this album from your previous releases?
The difference with redemption and our other records, I feel, is the sound. We go into each recording process the same….out do what we did last time. Our hunger keeps us from slacking up. But for the most part, the sound has to evolve even more. People have to get with your music before they even care to hear what you have to say.

Why did you entitled the new album "Redemption"?

Redemption is a great title, because this marks the end of our album obligation to gotee, and it marks our ascent into musical manhood. We get to step into the realm of ceo and owners of our artform, verses just being an artist who has to walk to the beat of someone elses drum, especially on the politics side of the industry.

Which song(s) on the album speaks to you the most and why?

"Tight with these" stands out to me because we make the statement that we are here, and we're a force to be reckoned with. We are the glue in hip hop.  There's been such a major breakdown in the genre, and we've come to ensure that the culture stands for something more than money, cars, and women.

What is your current mission statement?
"Open bar" makes the statement that we're about unity and excluding no one. What we have, is for everyone.

ImageWhat is currently playing in your CD player?
Currently in my cd player, is nelly furtado, beyonce, outkast, ti, and ludicris.

What artist do you want to collab with?
Would love to collab with any of these artists or any artist who's serious about their craft and always strives to reach the top.


How has it been touring?
Tourings been great, non-stop, but great.

Any favorite or least favorites moments traveling on the road?
Lots of crazy moments on the road….living out of a suitcase. But we have a good grade of peope we travel with. Boanfide, myself,and DJ MANWELL, he's from columbus and our road manager/personal assistant Adam Davis (Adam the GREAT).

If you had to do another genre of music what would it be? and why?
There's really not any other genre I could pursue, without it somehow becoming hip hop, after I get my hands on it. And already our flavor of hip hop transcends what ears have been used to.

What's your favorite Bible verse?

John 15:16. Read it, see where I'm comin from!

Any last words?

take care of yourselves, and each other….good night
BIG COF (smashin all Suckas)



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