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HipHop is Music update

HipHop is Music update


"HipHop is Music" is doing big things, they just released Braille's new release "Box Of Rhymes" online. And here are some more news with the label.
The Theory Hazit album "Extra Credit" is currently half way through the mixing process.  Expect a lead single and release date to be posted soon.  The Sharlok Poems album "Blooming Sounds" is complete and will start mixing on that as soon as "Extra Credit" is complete. 

There are also vinyl dropping from the Surreal and DJ Balance album "Future Classic".  The new 12" single includes "Can't Stop The Bumrush", "Moment In Time" and "Speak Facts".  You can preview tracks and get more info at www.superbro.com

 November 28th, the release date for Box of Rhymes, Braille's new album.


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