Angeles-Rising holy hip-hop artist Dedge P sets to release volume two of his highly anticipated mixtape. The mixtape is titled Dedge P Presents Da Free Mixtape Vol 2: Da Take Over? Big name artists such as TONEX, CL RYDERZ, 4-GOD, THA GIM, DOULOS, D-LO, MINISTER RMB, WeezAy, FEDEL, APX, NIFTY, EPIC, HOOD, LYRIX, PROMISE, GODS BABY GIRL, ASA, K2S, SEEK ONE, PROZPERA "D", LEETHAL, GIFTED, JAYMAY, UNKNOWN, PROPHET X, ANOINTED, HOLY D, 2FACE, ORG, BENITO P, S.O.C.O.M, TREVOR POPE, ERIC CROSS, BILLY KASH, CISCO KIDD, GEN-14, HARMONY HI SEE,and The SOG CREW will appear along side Dedge P as they provide a gospel celebration through hip-hop music. The two-disc double album mixtape will be released and available on November 28, 2006 at and as a free download.

The purposes of this mixtape is to showcase the tremendous growth of the holy hip hop music genre and to minister to those that normally wouldn’t have access to this growing ministry. Da Free Mixtape Vol.1 was such a huge success at introducing the genre to new fans that Dedge P himself had become a household name in holy hip-hop. He?s constantly performing and ministering. He is currently entertaining offers from many record companies including Interscope records His debut album Word OnThe Street?.