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From the jump – and I don’t say this lightly – there only needs to be one phrase synonymous with Tha GIM – “uniquely talented.”  When Tha GIM approached me so that I could review his latest project “Antidote 4 Destruction,” I didn’t hesitate to jump at the offering!  I’m so glad I did. 

I had a privilege to meet Tha GIM a few weeks ago at the Texas Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards, and I can tell you that this brother is serious about what he is doing for God!  Some people are in it for the fortune, the fame and other ulterior motives.  But not this guy…  I’m so glad to have met him in person.  It’s good to know that what you hear on “wax” is also what you get in person.   

From beginning to end, I was very pleased with this album.  I said that he was “uniquely talented” because he gives you more than just one sound!  There are many tracks on this project that have varying styles.  And that’s to Tha GIM’s credit because so many just try to throw a rhyme down over a beat and call it a song.  Nah!  There are those little things here and there that let you know he is a veteran on the mic.  Take a listen and you’ll see what I mean.  So, with that – let’s jump into it! 

The intro is a spoken word atop a whistling wind.  Immediately a picture of destruction is drawn and sets up the plot for this album, which is the “antidote” for destruction.   Exactly after that is the title track “The Antidote.”  This isn’t a very long song, being only two minutes and twenty-seconds.  I believe it is sort of a suffix to the intro; further painting the canvas for the album.  This a cruise song right here (one you can ride at night to…. On your way to Wal-Mart, that is! LOL!). 

One thing that really stuck out to me on this album was the production!  It had many interesting beats that were slamming.  A few of them were reminiscent of 90’s hip hop in many respects.  No, that’s not a bad thing at all, because today’s hip hop is now in a place where “anything goes.”  There’s just one thing though… IT MUST SOUND GOOD!  Such a track is “Get Live,” which is the third track.  I’m feeling it for real.  The beat is very underground and is a hot track!  Tha GIM is speaking about his involvement within “the game” for Christ.   

Next up is the track that is sure to have many Christians – even the unsaved – wanting to get krunk!  KINGDOM AFFILIATE, baby!  I mean… what is there to say about this song, but that it is a true banger for real?  And I love the chorus!  When I met Tha GIM in Houston, TX, I was saying the chorus to him just about every time I saw him! LOL.  I bet I was making him tired of his own song! LOL. 

Track six is “Seekin’ Tha Truth,” and this is the type of song I was referring to when I spoke about Tha GIM being uniquely talented.  Check out the chorus and you’ll see what I mean.  Nah, he didn’t rap the chorus, but flipped it.  It’s hot!  That, the flow, and the hot beat really secured the song with me!  Top notch right there!  Everyone is seeking truth, but there is only ONE truth – and it is found in Jesus Christ.  That’s what this song is pushing. 

I’m basically hitting up the songs that stuck out to me the most.  That doesn’t at all discredit the songs I don’t speak on, but I don’t have time to write an essay here! LOL.  With that said, lets move on to “It’s Alright, Let’s Ride.”  Again, this is one of those types of songs I was referring to.  If you wanna ride at night, with the cool night air coming in the window, and just really want to “riiiiiiide” (chill, that is)… then this is your song.  This one is laced with a  very laid back beat, and with a chorus that takes me back to the 80’s soul era when Earth, Wind and Fire had it going on (before MJ brought the pop).  I can definitely get down with this one.  I wish I knew who did the production on these one and a few others, because they are heaters! 

After that song you have an interlude and then you have “Life & Love.”  Tha GIM’s songs have a dream-like quality to them.  When you hear them they take you some where.  That’s how Sade’s music used to do me “back when.”  I love this song.  Tha GIM is telling you that the opportunity to fulfill your destiny and accomplish much is right before you.  God has already made every provision available.  Yeah, many are believing the lie, and that’s why this song is necessary; to deliver a message of hope.  Yo, the chorus on this song is off the chain.  Now, I don’t mean to give the impression that this is a club banger or anything like that, but it’s just quality music.  I used to be a fan of Tribe Called Quest, and they didn’t make very many bangers, but made hip hop that – at the time – seemed timeless.  Tha GIM presents that same element, and thank God he is doing that for Christ! 

Initially, I wasn’t feeling H.G.P. (Holy Ghost Party), but you know how it is when something grows on you?  Well, this song is a sure ‘nuff hot track!  The beat is crazy!!!  I love the drum pattern on this joint!  Folks will be playing this at the party’s for sure.  Yes, Christians can party too!  We just keep it holy! 

“Tomorrow’z History” reminds me of something the Fugees may have tried to make.  This song displays Tha GIM’s diverse talent once again, especially on the chorus.  The type of beat on this track says a lot about his ability to successfully arrange a song and make sure all of the pieces match one another.  You have to know how to put a song together and match the content, flow and chorus with the music.  Symmetry!  Many make the mistake of putting a rap style with the wrong type of track and it’s a hot mess! LOL.  I really like this song.  The point of this song is that we must walk by faith and keep hope.  Tomorrow we’re promised a better life, so there is no need in being down about today, or yesterday.  As the song says, “through faith we’ll find it.” 

There are quite a few songs that could be played by the Christian DJ’s at the party.  Another is “Changez.”  The track has a sample from a funk song that I can’t recall at the moment, but I’m feeling this one as well.   

Tha Gim spills out his heart and gives God thanks on “Give U My Life.”  He’s talking to the Lord on this one.  It really touched me because I have much respect for a brother who isn’t ashamed to worship God with his words publicly.  I could feel Tha GIM’s heart on this one.  That’s what it’s all about.  Good music is music that can be felt.  If it can’t be felt, well….  You ain’t feel it! LOL.  But on the real, I’m feeling this song.  Kinda reminds me of how 2Pac used to spill his heart on the mic.  That’s what made him so profound.  Tha GIM does the same on this song and on this project. 

After the outro, there is a bonus track featuring Sean Slaughter called “Thought U Knew,” which lets me know that Tha GIM sho’nuff has some gospel roots!  This is the other party song I was referring to.  This is a fun song to listen to.  I can see this one getting much air-play on the radio.  I can also see it transcending age barriers!  Great job Tha GIM!  You sure you didn’t get Kirk Franklin to help you with this track bruh???  LOL! 

Well, what can I say about Tha GIM’s “Antidote 4 Destruction”?  In my opinion, this is classic material.  I didn’t have to try hard to see that Tha GIM knows what he’s doing.   

One question for Tha GIM… Bruh, how do you sound like an East Coast emcee and you're from Fresno??? 

On August 20th, make sure you pick up a copy of “Antidote 4 Destruction.” You will be blessed!

Release Date: August 2006 

Record Label: Indie 

Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Tha Antidote
3. Get Live!
4. Kingdom Affiliate
5. P.O.W.E.R.
6. Seekin' Tha Truth
7. Walk Like A Warrior
8. Real Recognize Real
9. It's Alright. Let's Ride feat. Rod Morris
10. Life Iz… (interlude)
11. Life & Love feat. Keysha
12. H.G.P.
13. Black Diamond
14. Tomorrow'z History
15. Let It Go feat. Prolific
16. Changez
17. Give U My Life feat. Keysha
18. Outro
19. Thought U Knew (bonus track) 


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