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 Exclusive Interview with Manafest about his new album release "Glory"


What do you want to achieve with your new album "Glory"?
With the album Glory I really wanted it to be a light in the industry to bring Glory to God and speak to kids on a real personal level. I wanted to sell as many albums as possible in hopes of influencing as many kids as possible for Jesus

Tell me about the new album.
This album is my most personal album, I touch on a lot of real issues from “Run away” dealing with streets, “Dreams” not giving up on your dreams different issues I went through growing up, and than “where R U” dealing with suicide and the personal experience I had with my father. This was my favorite album to make and also the toughest. Adam Messinger helped with a lot of the production and really challenged me on making the songs the best I could. I finally feel that I’m proud of something and happy to put my name behind it.

What inspired you writing the lyrics of the album?
I always like to write up real life situations or stories I’ve heard from someone. I don’t like to force lyrics I like to be emotionally driven when writing so it comes out that way more in the song.

What's different about this album from your previous release "Epiphany"?
Better production, better songs, and just a more mature Manafest I think. I’ve had more experience in the industry, in the studio and on the road touring, so I new more what I wanted going into this project. I still like Epiphany I just think Glory is a better representation.

Why did you entitled the new album "Glory"?
GLORY means the full manifestation of God, his Glory shining, and that’s what I wanted this album to be. I just want to shine his light wherever I go, and whatever I do. Whether it’s music/skateboarding or just hanging out with people.

Which song(s) on the album speaks to you the most and why?
Where Are You is the song that hits the heart the most to me, because it’s about my dad and the issues I dealt with going through it. I wrote those lyrics while I was on tour in a hotel room one night. I was crying half way through and finished all 3 verses that night. The chorus for that song was originally written by my friend Chris Stacey who made the beat as well. He had written the song Where R U about a girl who’s father just left her when she was born, so I flipped it and wrote about my situation.

What is your current mission statement?Image
My Mission is to be a light to the world in the music industry, and every where I go. Not just a little match light, but a bright camera light so bright that when you look at it you have to squint and turn away. That’s what God has called me to be.

What is currently playing in your CD player?
Right now I listen to Kenneth Copeland, Worship, Lupe Fiasco, Kaos, and I want to go pick up the new My Chemical Romance

What artist do you want to collab with?
Timberland, Pharrell, the beastie boys, and Michael Jackson

How has it been touring?
It has been a lot fun, and an awesome experience. This is the longest tour I’ve done consistently in my career. I just got home for the first time since August and it’s now the end of October. I love traveling to different places just as long as I have some people with me, whether it’s my wife or my friends. I’ve had to travel alone a lot which sometimes sucks.

Any favorite or least favorites moments traveling on the road?
My least favorite was driving 3 hours to a show and finding out it had been cancelled. That’s annoying. My favorite moments are eating good food, skateboarding, performing, and seeing kids give there life to Jesus.

If you had to do another genre of music what would it be?
Come on, let’s be honest here, “ROCK AND ROLL”

What's your favorite Bible verse?
Right now: Proverbs 16:3- commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.

Any last words?
Enjoy every day life, Peace Manafest 


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