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Review – Verses “Listening Session”


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From out of all of the albums in which I’ve heard that Tony Stone had most of the production on – I’ve never been disappointed.  Well, Verses comes with “Listening Session,” which is fully produced by the beatcave wonder himself. 

What I first took note more than anything else is the vocal arrangement on this album.  The first track “Yes, Yes, Y’all” has some great singing on it.  It’s also a great and refreshing way to open up an album. 

If you don’t know Verses, he is a member of the group Rhymes Elect.  I’m not quite sure if this is his first solo effort or what, but the album is a very good listen, thus… Listening Session.  LOL. Okay, I’m silly like that.

Lets get into it.  The next track is “We Do It” featuring Tony Stone and Mark J.  I really like this song.  It has a good feel to it. The message is on point.  Why do we do what we do?  We do it for love, for the kids, for the lost for the Lord!

The reason I like this album is because Verses is a straight up comedian!  The song “Funky Dividends” is too funny!  The song deals with putting priorities in place when it comes to money and responsibilities.  I won’t get too deep into it.  You’ve gotta peep it for yourself. 

A song I really love to jam is “Fa La La.”  The beat is hot (Tony you did your thing).  The song a message to the world saying what are you gonna do when we – the Christians – come through.   Because we are coming through to wreck the party on sinful foolishness!   Are you just gonna live for degrading music, clothes, rims, cars, money and sex?  God has much more to offer folks!  Wake up! 

“Ms. O’Ginny” is another funny song!  Who is Ms O’Ginny you ask?  Ms. O’Ginny is that TV personality that is shaking her stuff on TV to make all of the hungry “dogs” out there salivate.  Why don’t you have any clothes on girl?  Don’t you know children are watching?  Not only that, we don’t want to see “your nasties” all over our TV screens!  You’re helping the enemy push his agenda.  Yes, sex sales, but there are many men getting caught up in pornography and it’s destroying marriages and much more. 

When I was growing up, SOME of the hip hop back in the day was cool, but we had some of our “bad stuff” too.  But, compared to today?!!  Hands down we were cleaner!  “Cassette Tapes and Roller Skates” talks about that.  We – the artists and the consumers – need to be responsible for what we make and purchase.  C’mon y’all, lets be responsible. 

With 12 tracks, it won’t be long before I tell you about each song, so let me stop right here. 

Go cop it! 


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