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Reach Records does it again!  I first learned of Reach Records from their debut artist Lecrae.  “Real Talk” is still one of my most favorite gospel rap albums of all time.  I consider it a classic.   I think we may just have another one y’all!  I say that because now Lecrae’s label mate – Tedashii aka T. Dot – is next up to bat with his debut release “Kingdom People.”  And like Barry Bonds, he’s about to knock it out of the park.  Correction – HE HAS KNOCKED IT OUT THE PARK! 

After the customary intro, the first song you hear on the album is a bonafide banger called “Houston We Have A Problem.”  What’s the problem?  The problem is that there is a lost world going down in flames and many Christians are idly sitting by eating chicken sandwiches and sipping lemonade!  That’s a sho nuff problem!  I don’t know who made the beat to this song (please provide album credits folks! LOL), but this beat is hot!  It has that down south feel.  Yeah, baby!   

Next up we have “Born Again,” which is another down south beat that’s hittin’!  T. Dot talks about being born again and caring less about trying to be a “baller,” “flosser” and “smasher.”  Who wants to be all of that and on your way to hell?  Talk about having priorities backwards! 

One thing I appreciate about this album is because I can tell that Tedashii is a mature soldier for Christ.  You hear so many albums today that let you down because they aren’t as solid as I think they should be when it comes to edifying the church and compelling sinners.   

Ready to get krunk?  Then when you go to your next block party, church event or whatever make sure you skip straight to track 4!  The song is fiya!  Also, featured on this is label mate – Lecrae.  The part sho’nuff gets you hype is the chorus! 

“Significance” features Cross Movement Records artist J.R.  The song tells the stories of people in situations in which people compromise their self-worth to try to find purpose and meaning in life.  Many people are seeking attention and significance within life.  But as the hook says, “Don’t play yourself like that…. Go ahead and make Him king of your heart and you’ll find yourself in him.”  Awesome!  What a great song!  This song will surely deliver some people dealing with insecurity and acceptance.  Tedashii… you’re becoming one of my top favorites bro!  You’re doing big things for the Lord! 

I find that Tedashii ministers a lot on this album.  That’s what I’m talking about!  He reminds me of myself a whole lot.  If God has given a time to open your mouth, let something that will heal, set free, deliver and encourage come out!  T Dot even takes time to speak to the pastors, “big mamas,” and those who paved the way in the back in the “bible days.”  This is like an appreciation song – don’t forget those who helped you get where you are today – we’re talking about more than social status, but within your walk in Christ. 

Yo, I love a good laid back beat.  “Uncoditional” is just that type of track.  I wasn’t given any album credits, but I know that Tony Stone sound anywhere!  Tony, you did your thing on this one bro!  The title of this song explains the whole track.  You can bump this on in your trunk! 

T. Dot gets serious on “Bout Time.”  It opens up with a female in a counseling session who explains how she gave her heart to a man she thought was the one for her, but then he turned out to be a completely different person.  But by this time, she has already given so much of herself that she was weak in spirit.  Brothers, it’s about time that we start treating our women of God right!  Paul said to treat older women as mothers and see younger ones as your very own sister (I Timothy 5:2).  Would you harm your own sister or mother?  (I can tell that this is another T. Stone production. LOL).   

This album is solid, go cop it! Tedashii, you my boy bro! Lets do this thing together!

This is a classic.


Label: Reach Records


  1 Kingdom Intro
  2 Houston We Have a Problem
  3 Born Again
  4 Off Da Hook
  5 Significance ft. JR
  6 This Song's For You
  7 Do You Feel
  8 On Now ft. Phanatik
  9 Lifestyle
  10 Unconditional
  11 He Cares ft. Keynon Akers
  12 Bout Time Interlude
  13 Bout Time ft. Cam
  14 We Did ft. Trip Lee
  15 No More ft. Lecrae
  16 Party Music ft. Flame
  17 Free ft. Diamone
  18 116 Interlude
  19 In Ya Hood Cypha Remix ft. Trip Lee, Thi'sl, Json, Sho, Lecrae
  20 Bonus Track: Impressed Chopped and Screwed


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