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Somebody once said “Rob Hodge is a problem.”  You’re right!  It’s because through him Christ is giving the devil a headache!  Undoubtedly, the gates of hell are trembling in fear with Rob’s latest offering – Born King. 

Well, why the title “Born King” for this Beatmart Recordings release?  Well, could it be because Rob and I were born in the same year – 1975?  Nah. LOL.  Jesus was born king!  And if we are in Him, we are kings and priests because we share the same inheritance!  Praise God. 

Lets get into it.  Truthfully, the world will be taken by surprise with this album.  I believe Rob will be able to minister and gain the respect of this hip hop generation and be able to deliver the gospel message very easily.  All we need – many times – is something they can identify with (thought I was going to say a “gimmick” hunh?  Nah.  Never that!). 

There are basically two intros on this album, and then you really jump into the album on the third track.  “Revolution” features label-mate Japhia Life singing on the hook.  He sings and makes appearances on quite a few songs on this album.  Actually, his presence brought many of the songs out more.  I like songs with vocal hooks.  The beat is mid-tempo and has a very catchy melody. 

Let me be transparent with you… I’ve never owned a previous Rob Hodge album, but I hear Reverend Tithes is not a stranger to his albums.  Well, Brother Tithes is back once again (who is also played by Japhia Life).  Dude is silly.  I don’t want to spoil the fun.  You’ll have to peep it for yourself.  You see his name right?  That should give you some sort of idea.  

The next song is “I’m Rich.”  Nope.  Not in material gain, but spiritual!  We have a treasure chest within us that the world can’t replace.  What profits a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?  As Rob said, “Bill Gates can’t see me.” 

This album deals with real issues.  The track “Conflict” has Rob rapping in first person as if he was one of the persons in a stressful situation – bills, domestic violence between husband and wife, beef on the streets and so forth.  What’s the answer?  Jesus!  Without him, all you have is conflict. 

One of my favorite tracks is “Hurricane.”  I think what makes it for me is the girl singing “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh…”   It’s a party track.  Another favorite is “Higher.”  I think it would be safe to say that it is my most favorite as far as beats are concerned.  The beat on this track is hot! 

Another favorite is “Determination” featuring – you know it – Japhia Life. LOL.  The message encourages those who may have been born into intimidating surroundings to not give up and stay determined.  Why?  Because God will be there for you if you just trust Him.  This is the kind of song that moves you within.  It just has that “feel good” sound.  You’ve got to check this one out.  Rob even gets a little “church” at the end.  

Skipping a few tracks and moving on to “Thank You,” Rob takes time out to give thanks to the Lord and show appreciation for not being where the world says he should be – which is dead, behind bars, or somewhere simply messed up.  We all need to take time to reflect on where we have come from and where we could be if we had not met the Lord.  Most of all, we can thank Him for where we are in Him and what lies ahead!  Nothing be blessings!  Rob also gives “props to where props is due” (direct quote from Rob)… check it out. 

“Red Carpet” plays on the concept of a red carpet, “where everybody’s a star.”  If you are in Christ, you’re a star.  No big I’s and little me’s.  The beat to this song is hot as well. 

Another banger is “The River,” which is also one of my favorites… would it surprise you that Japhia Life is also on this one?  LOL.  Trust me, I’m not a groupie or anything like that.  It just so happens that the songs Japhia are one are hot.  Don’t ask me why.  Maybe it’s because I like chorus’s that have singing?  I don’t know.    “Lets take a trip to the river – as soon as the sun comes up.  Lets take a dip to the river – let the preacher man wash me up.”  Hey, we’ve gotta get right and lead others to Christ yo!  

Well, with 27 tracks, I could write a book on this album – but I refuse to do that! LOL.  You gotta get the album.  Great job Rob!

 Track Listing:

1.   Intro  
2.   Track 2 Intro  
3.   Revolution  
4.   Reverend Tithes  
5.   Im Rich  
6.   Conflict  
7.   The Suffering  
8.   Hurricane  
9.   Higher Skit  
10.   Higher  
11.   Determination Skit  
12.   Determination  
13.   Tears  
14.   Wait  
15.   Reverend Tithes 2  
16.   So Far  
17.   Most Hated  
18.   Thank You  
19.   Outkast  
20.   Red Carpet  
21.   Pretty Ugly  
22.   Look At Me Now  
23.   The River  
24.   God Is Alive  
25.   Free  
26.   I’m Ready Skit  
27.   I’m Ready

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