To be honest with you, I've never been a fan of remix cds.  I feel like they are just ways that record companies use to either squeeze as much dough out of the consuming public, or a uninspired way for record companies and artists to fulfill the recording contract.  So on that note, I'm approaching this review as a rookie because I don't even pay attention to remix cds, let alone purchase and listen to them. 

 After presenting my brief soliloquy, I must say that KJ-52's latest release KJ-52 Remixed is a decent cd.  The disc is full of your favorite upbeat and witty tunes with an added twist.  The cd has plenty of remixes and even some bonus material that will satisfy the KJ fanbase. Most of the songs are from KJ's last two cds.  There are several collaborations, including an appearance by Pigeon John on the always fun "Revenge of the Nerds (Horns a Plenty Remix)". Other guest appearces include Liquid, Golden Child, and Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Crutch. 

Production on the disc includes tracks from Tedd T, Joseph Kisselburgh, and it even has a couple gems on it produced by KJ himself.  One of the surprising cuts is the Reggaeton Remix to "Jesus" featuring Funky, which KJ imploys the latest and hottest trend in urban music to revamp a crowd favorite.  Initially, I thought that it would be another half-hearted attempt for an artist to try appealing to 'the messes'.  But KJ and Funky pull of a hot collaboration that will surely cause some heads bob while simotaneously feeding the soul. 

In all, KJ-52 Remixed is a nice cd to add to your collection if you're an KJ fan or if you are new to his music and are interested in giving his it a try.  It'll definitely play well at the local christian youth outreaches, parties and other related shin-digs.

Track Listing:

1.   Are You Real?  
2.   Dear Slim PT. 2  
3.   Jesus  
4.   Call on You  
5.   Washed Up  
6.   47 Emcees  
7.   Mullet Song  
8.   Gimme DAT  
9.   Plain White Rapper  
10.   Things I Like  
11.   Revenge of the Nerds  
12.   Never Look Away  
13.   Fivetweezy  
14.   Napoleon Dynamite  
15.   Washed Up  
16.   Run for Cove

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