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Interview – Seven30 Grafx


Did you ever wonder who was doing all of those hot mixtape covers on positivemixtapes.com well we had a little chat with Seven30 Grafx.

When did you start designing mixtape covers?
started back in 95'  when I became a graffitti artist.  Once I got my skills up people started to take notice and I got into designing covers for local DJ's and MC's.

Do you do any other designs besides mixtape covers?
I try to be versatile by also designing flyers for community events, local churches, logos for productions companies, businesses including their general logo, letterhead and business cards.

What has been the response of your work?
I have had an excellent response, my clients are always happy with my work. The only downfall is (if you can call it that!) I have too much work and sometimes I have to turn people away because I am usually working on about 3 or 4 different projects at the same time.

What (programs) do you use to design?
Of course everybody uses Adobe Photoshop, but I also have other programs that I like to use.  I try to use different programs for different effects to try to keep my work fresh and versatile.

How long have you been a graphic designer?I think I have always been a graphic designer at heart but I have been doing
it professionally for about a 1 1/2 years.

Why is it essential for DJ's and artists to have a good cover?
Some artists don't understand the importance of a good cover, it is what initially attracts the customer to the artist to make them want to listen to their music.  The more an artist invests in his cover the better the return will be in their "sales".

Out of all the covers you've done what's your favorite one?
My favorite covers are the most recent ones I have done.  It seems everytime I do a new cover my skills get better and better. (shout outs to DJ I Rock Jesus!)

Any last words?
First, I give thanks to God for giving me all the talent, imagination and creativity to do what I do.  Second, the christian artist needs to step up their game, not only with their covers but music wise as well.  We have to be beyond the secular world.  Christian music is so far behind in the times, that it does not attract the same attention that secular music does today.  Third, to all the other artists, submit your music to a DJ as a marketing tool to get heard.


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