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“Hey Nessie, the got me in the South!”  Japhia LifeWe Cry Blood

With a new found home in the south – 2nd home that is (pun intended) – with Beatmart Recordings, Japhia Life drops Fountain of Life.

If you miss the Japhia Life of old, I’m sorry, you won’t appreciate this album for what it’s worth.  But, if you know good music when you hear it, then it won’t even matter how J came on this one. 

Japhia is backed up by one of the most respected producers out right now – Todd Collins.  Todd is known for helping produce hits for the likes of Toby Mac and more.  So, that ought to let you know. 

With one intro and 12 songs, Fountain of Life is a very good project.  Many of the songs are commercial, and from what I’ve peeped in an interview, Japhia is trying to crossover a little bit.  I see nothing wrong with that.

The first song is “We Cry Blood” with a very funky track.  This is an ol’ mack daddy ridin’ in the caddy type beat.  When it’s time for war, some times you just cry blood!  That’s what J is sayin’ on this track.  What blood do we cry though?  We plead the blood of Jesus!  For who?  The streets!  The lost, that is.  And in case you didn’t know, this is Japhia’s and Todd’s effort to end racism. LOL.

“Sunshine” is a track with a very simple beat and hook.  The message is on point though.  Basically J is saying that there are people in the hood who need hope.

It’s gonna be another cloudy day
Dark clouds in the sky, but the sun (Son) is gonna shine
I’m just having fun around my way
No sun in the sky, and no money on my mind
I’m just chillin’ in the hood today
Please send a little good my way
If you don’t, I’ll just be broke
Dark clouds in the hood, but the sun is gonna shine

The album has some pretty good songs.  Each one of them were made with great quality, but a few others stood out to me more than others.  One I really like is “Preacha Man.”  The beat is a  track with some great guitar melodies going on.  Hey, ya’ll have got to bear with me.  Many times, if I can see a video to a song, that means the song is a good one.  I can see a video to this song.  It would have a very good storyline with it too.  It’s about a brother who came from the hood and now the people in the hood want a word from God from him.  That’s what we have to do y’all, go back and get those who came from where we came from.

My favorite song on the whole album is “All I Know.” This song is what’s up fo’ sho’!  Speaking of videos, Japhia took it upon himself to make his own video to this song – apart from Beatmart.  On “All I Know” he talks about God moving in his life and leading him to where he is today.  The music to this track is so lovely!  It’s not overbearing or none of that.  It’s just good music.  Get the album and you’ll see. What I mean by that.

One thing I can say to Japhia’s credit is that he has a very nice singing voice.  Having also heard Rob Hodge’s album, Born King, I was introduced to another side of J I didn’t know about.

Speaking of Rob, he makes a guest appearance on “Fire,” as well, Petidee makes a guest appearance on “Hurry.”  Both are Beatmart artists.

“Joanna” is a very good song in which you can check out J’s vocal ability.  This is song about a girl named Joanna – of course – who is living a worldly life and is heading nowhere fast.  Japhia tries to reach out to all of the Joanna’s out there by saying “I’m writing this song just for you.”

With only 12 tracks, I don’t want to tell everything.  I’ll let you decide much of it yourself.

B’s up!

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