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Fresh Digress?  Hmm… Why that name and what does it mean?  Well, let’s see.  Let me check the dictionary.  The word “fresh” has several meanings.  Some of them are “free from impurity or pollution,” “new to one’s experience; not encountered before,” and “recently made, produced, or harvested; not stale or spoiled.”  The word “digress” means “to turn aside; stray.”  Well, if we put the meanings from both of those words together, I would gather it to mean a new Creature in Christ – so Fresh and So Clean – while continuously dying to the things of the world. 

I wonder how close I am?  I don’t know.  I’d have to ask these brothers. 

Anyway!  THIS IS A FUN ALBUM TO LISTEN TO!   Fresh Digress comes at you with their self-titled album to help add to the heat that’s dropping from Beatmart Recordings in 2006.  B’s up! 

As soon as you begin listening to this project, you are brought into their world of humor and love with Loud Mouth Mark & The Professor.   You’ll hear it stated, “Basically we’re here to make hip hop fun again, and deliver an uplifting message.”  Yes, music does need to be fun again, but not at the expense of leaving Jesus out!    

I like many different styles of music.  Some may not be feeling Fresh Digress because it’s not “hard” or “true hip hop” enough for them.  But, for me… I think it’s hot!  It’s a very well put together project.  It’s very solid and it’s very creative.  I love how they were able to put across many biblical points through unconventional methods, but yet very effective.  That takes a lot of thought and skill.  Lets dig deeper… 

The very first song, but second track – Ready or Not – on the album has a seventies feel to it.  This 2 minute and 1 second track is FD introducing themselves to you; letting you know who they are and what they came to do. 

I can see the third track “Brr! It’s Cold” hitting the television with a cool video.  This song is the first prime example of what I meant by their unconventional methods of relaying biblical truth.  When it’s cold, what should you do?  GET TO A WARM AND COZY SPOT!  Jesus is that warm and cozy spot.  “Everybody come in” is what they say!  

Loud Mouth Mark & The Professor show up once again after this song.   I’m glad they decided to add these brief interludes between certain tracks.  It make the album even more enjoyable.    

Okay, I can see people breaking dancing to the song “That’s My Jam.”  It has eighties written all over it.  Ha!  Maybe this would be the first video?  Would make a good one…   

Anyway, one song that I believe many would enjoy is “I Know.”  It has a very funky bassline with a nice drum pattern.  It’s a laid back track with a laid back flow.  FD actually chills a little bit on this one and just lay down a nice rhyme.  On this one they take time to speak to the ones that know the Lord, but got off track somehow.  They encourage by saying that God will forgive you, put you back into the swing of things, and that he’ll never leave you. 

Lord, why is Tony Stone on everything today?  Because he’s hot for the Lord!  J  Confession, I don’t have any album credits while doing this album, but I knew as soon as the song “Freedom” came on that it was a T. Stone banger!  I sent Tony an e-mail and he wrote back saying, “yup that's me on the freedom track!”  Big ups to Tony!  This song is hot!  It’s actually one of the hottest on the whole album.  It has the funky, “churchy,” dope sound to it.  The organ on this track, along with the piano set this thing off!  The message is in the name of the song.  They talk about “love, peace, flows, beats.”   

Now don’t get me wrong, Todd Collins did his thing on this album.  I actually remember reading an interview by Tony Stone where he mentioned Todd as one of his favorite producers.  So, that ought to help put this album in perspective for you! J 

Lastly, “Ring, Ring, Ring” is another song that displays how FD does their thing.  When the cell phone rings, do you answer, or do you ignore?  If you’re like me, you look at the caller ID! J LOL.  Well, what do you do when God is calling?  Lord knows you better answer that thing!  Another dope track with a tight message. 

Yo, I can’t tell you everything!  I’m glad you know how to read though!  But, now it’s time to do some listening…. GO GET FRESH DIGRESS!!!! 

I’m out! 

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