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Do you have the Viktory? Nah, I didn’t say the v-i-C-t-o-r-y. I said the v-i-K-t-o-r-y! Yes, do you have that new Viktory CD yet? Probably not, because it’s not out yet! LOL. But it is available for pre-order. I’ve heard the whole thing and this is some good music right hur (here)! Let me go ahead and get this out of the way… “I love this CD!”

You ever had that kind of CD that you had to find while looking through your collection, “like, man I got to put that on!” The kind you play when you boys are over, or alone chilling playing PlayStation. LOL. I got one more… this is your “Saturday morning, getting ready to go play ball” CD. LOL. My point is – this is feel good music!

I’ve had the privilege to talk to “Vik” and this is a cool brother. His personality shines through his music too. He’s not “fakin’ the funkin’” by any means. This brother knows his bible and he knows the Lord. It’s evident. Oh you best believe there is a difference!

This great fifteen track project kicks things off with the title track, produced by Holy Hit Makerz. The beat is hot. Trust me, you could be rolling down the block pumpin’ it and peeps will come up to you like “Yo, who is that???” To their surprise it will be a Christian kat! LOL. I love it. The beat is bangin’! The theme to the song is “if you didn’t believe it before, it would be in your best interest to believe it now.” Why? Because God is doing a great work and doing it through his body… Check out this line:

I’m like a seamstress – bring together beats, rhymes, light – and you can rock them on the weekend

That was hot! Vik brings many hot lines on this project – atop of great content (which matters most!).

Is it just me, or does it seem that everywhere you turn a guy named Tony Stone has his hands in something? Can some give this dude a Grammy for “Hustler of the Year”? This dude is doing his thing in Jesus name! He produces all but three songs on this project. That alone should let you know that the album is a “must have.” Other production is also by Tonex (did someone say “how he do dat”???) and Kelvin Wooten.

All of the songs are good, and I’ve already found myself singing the hooks. They’re catchy! Vik is very good at coming up with catchy hooks.

One song that really blesses me to hear is “Count On Me.” I can really see this song taking this album to the top. The reason I love it is because he gives a testimony of how the Lord helped him through some trying times in his life. I’m sure we’ve all been at a place where it SEEMED like things were about to fall through. But God came through, didn’t He? Yes, amen! God is good! He’s never let me down. Thank you, Lord.

One thing we need in this Christian walk is accountability. I can confess that I went through a trying time once because I had no-one to lean on. On track eight, “Hold Me Down,” Vik speaks about how he is thankful for brothers and sisters who know the Lord who are able to intercede for him and give him tough love when necessary. That says a lot about the brother. He is a mature Christian wanting to grow closer to the Lord. It takes someone serious about their walk to say something like this. Marvin Winans, Jr. makes a special guest appearance on here as well. This is a great song!

Honestly, I’d have to write a book to talk about all of the gems and good things on this project. Every song is so good. Well, I will say this… and Vik can probably feel me on this one… The interlude (the only interlude on the album) could’ve stayed off. LOL.

Vik, for a sophomore album, you did your thing bro! I believe it now!

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Written by Rapzilla

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