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Review – Flame “Rewind”


A long time has passed that we have heard some of the same monotonous sounds by the Cross Movement camp; and now, there seems to be a long-awaited break from that regular CM delivery. Flame, though not very impressive in his freshman release under CM, definitely hit his mark on this new album, REWIND. His ability to swiftly spit on various styles of production, and compose lyrics that detail the doctrines he follows is unique and without question, effective. 

This album starts off with a southern feel on “No Silence”, and definitely holds some weight on production as Flame exclaims how “The won’t beat us into silence.” His bold manner as most of CM and his southern feel warrant his presence in this predominantly east coast group. With this album, his place and purpose is clearly seen. Tracks like “Gotta Notice” and “Give Us the Truth Part 2” hit hard on production and provide some insight into the character that Flame presents before his peers, the world and God himself. 

Some of the tracks on this album that stand out and truly make the album such as “We Need You”, where Flame states, “I watched cats go from playing kick ball to carrying clips and slugs/and girls who played hopscotch and now strip in the clubs.” This is definitely a radio-friendly track, but his lyrics make it a definite track for Hip-hoppers as well, dealing with the gritty details of how we need God despite our consistent efforts to do everything ourselves. 

Another track that stands out, and is probably one of the most intense and heartfelt tracks of the album is “Wars of the Mind”. The production is perfect for the content, and the content definitely deals with real issues that everyone and anyone can encounter, such as depression, anxiety, abuse, fear and so on. This is a song that deserves mention and should be shown to anyone who is dealing with these struggles, as his approach is a personal one, rather than a preaching one.  

Some tracks on this project were not all that great, such as “Rewind”, which became a bit of an annoyance after listening to it for a while. “Gotta Notice”, while being a strong track had a hook that would remind someone of a NELLY track. “Context”, while being a great effort to describe the process of hermeneutics just doesn’t hit the mark on an album called “Rewind”.  

Overall, this album has a good and fresh feel, detaching itself from the regular CM sound that we have heard for so long. While some tracks could have been probably thought out a bit better on production, there are more than a few “rewind” tracks on the project – and that is a rare thing in the current trend of the industry. If you’re looking for a southern CM, then cop this album and hear God spit FLAME.  

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