Review – CZ “In Motion”

The debut album, "In Motion" from New Jersey native CZ (aka Curtis Zachery) is an album that is sure to take the gospel rap scene by storm.  CZ has been compared to the likes of Kanye West and has worked with everyone from The Cross Movement to Kirk Whalum (who is featured on the track "On My Mind").  

The album starts strong with potential Christian party anthem "Let's Go."  This song is garunteed to make you move.  For those who don't know him CZ introduces himself on the clever track "Who Am I" and he makes it known that he's "a child of God, it's just as simple as that."  Smooth harmonies (courtesy of Jason Eskridge), accompany the depth of CZ's lyrics over a sweet string-driven track laced by producer Tommy Sims on "Get into Your Heart".  The track "Royalty" is something especially for the ladies.  On this track he shows appreciation for the inner woman and urges women to see themselves as God sees them….like royalty.  This message is truly refreshing amidst a society that encourages women to disrespect their bodies. He flexes his lyrical muscle on the witty, "No Hook."  

Overall, "In Motion" marries top notch lyrics with top notch production while never compromising the message of Christ.  These qualties make "In Motion" a breath of fresh air for its listeners.


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