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Tell all the readers about your self.

Not much to tell…I was born in Queens N.Y. and moved to the West Coast about age 12 and had a basic rebellious adolescence-lol God got a hold of me and I went back and forth serving Him, but once I decided enough was enough, I been rhyming ever since.

How did you start rapping?

Used to rap at parties when I was in the world…When I came back to the Lord after backslidin, He put it in me to start flowin for Him and that’s over a decade ago-lol

How did you come up with your name Voice?

Me and Rapps Galore of 12th Tribe came up with it…I wanted a name that was not just about hip-hop, but more who I am as a minister for Christ. The name fit.

What do you want to achieve with your new album "Broadcast"?
 Man…I am really praying that people when they listen to this album think about their lives, who they are and where their going…I got this disease MS right, well, I pray that people see that it does not stop me from serving God. And, if I can serve God with all the drama I deal with health-wise, than they can serve God through their circumstances also…I was really transparent on a lot of stuff I wrote about, I been coming to understand that. I talk about division in the church, a whole mess of personal circumstances, haters, you know real life…This record was a journey of 5 years. in the making for me and a whole lotta drama along the way…The adversary of my life did not want this record to come out period. I am praying that people would come to a deeper understanding of Christ and that life is hard, but He is faithful ya know…I pray cat’s would be like “yo, this mc is talking about real stuff not chicken and biscuits and how dope he is…nuff said.

 Why did you call the album "Broadcast"?Voice
I called it “Broadcast” cause it is an album that I pray creates an awareness in hedz lives…A broadcast to this world that God is real and that He gets us through stuff when we give Him the lordship over our lives that He so deserves…Total Lordship is what God wants from us as believers and a body. Man…there is so much more I could say, but I’ll save it Broadcast simply means to create a sense of urgency about my God that is coming soon y’all!

Who and what inspires you when you write your lyrics?
I get inspired mainly from life experiences and also tight beats…That may sound very plastic and shallow as far as the beats part, but it’s truth. You see, I have been very blessed to work with a lotta great producers over the years, but the main cat that I really got to work with over the years is D-Black. This brother can produce and he makes quality…when I was on CSR I introduced him to the CL Ryders and you shoulda seen the salavatin going on when he played his tracks for them. He produced stuff on their record and it really added to their project. D-Black’s music is just heat! But, not just heat, anointed! You see when it comes to production, this brother is so anointed it is not even funny…When I hear his stuff, it really inspires me to write, no other music has grabbed me like that in hip-hop. I want to say that we are talking bout reality here…My inspiration comes from real life and God’s faithfulness no doubt, but let me share how real this is. D-Black since working on this record has gone through many trials, but most recently, now has full blown cancer…You see this is real stuff, not about just doing some beats and making me a star…No, this is real life and he needs a miracle and I pray that you would visit his website at and help him out if you feel led. This brother has inspired me through his gift and it has been a tremendous blessing to work with him over the years.

What's your favorite song on "Broadcast"? Why?
I have a couple…”How Long” It is real life all up in your grill…My real life and I am real transparent. I also like “Tappin In” and “Long Time Comin” Tappin in talks about getting you to think about your life…Long Time Coming just lays it out there for people to see how long I actually been out there sharing the gospel on these streets with it never being about the fame, just JESUS.

Was this your 1st album release? If not what are the others?
No, I did an album released back in 99 that was called “Bow Ya Head”…Very Parliament P-funk and West Coast influenced…Broadcast is definitely a different vibe-lol

Are you working on any other projects?

Well, I did alotta guest work this year…I am on a whole mess of family track’s-lol You can hear me spit some bars on new projects currently out from 12th Tribe, XL-The Original and did some Spanish for a group called Heaven’s Elite…Got more colabs set up for 2006 like doing a joint with Flamin Souljahs outta Cali and others I can’t think of right now…As far as another solo record, I get this question all the time. You know what, if you asked me this question months ago I would of immediately told you I’m done with the hip-hop part, but now, it is in the Lord’s hands cause I still have a lot to say and I have my own label so the resources are definitely there…I would say right now I am taking 1 step at a time and we will see how it goes next year.

What Artists have your already worked with?

Oh wow…More than I can probably type-lol I’ve done shows with just about everybody on the shelf, but have been blessed and privileged to work with a lot of great & talented artists out there…Just a few would be: Redcloud, L.A. Symphony, Unity Klan, & Wes Quave…There’s a ton more…Pick up the record-lol

What Artist do you want to work with?
Well…If I were to do another record, there are a few that I would definitely have on there with me, so I would say that the artist I would like to work with, I may work with in the future if it is His will. I would love to work with J-Raw of Priesthood, Macho of New Breed, John Gibson (Great vocals), and of course Boney Bone Corleon-lol All except Bone are probable-lol I would also love to work with Jeremy Camp, KJ-52, Flame, and also the Ambassador…Too many to mention!

If you had to do another genre of music, what would it be?
Worship, hands down…No question.

Why that one?
I have been blessed to be leading worship for about 5 yrs. now and it has been amazing! I love to see people feel God and experience His presence…I have seen that at my concerts over the years, but not like in a worship setting…It is really amazing to lead people to the throne of His grace and see the Lord just penetrate people’s hearts and do surgery right there in your midst…I am gonna be learning to play keyboard and see myself writing and arranging some type of worship in the future…I love upbeat praise stuff like Lakewood, & Israel and The New Breed also…I could see myself doing music for the people like that if it is His will.

Where can we buy your album?
It’s available everywhere in Christian book stores and if they don’t have it you can order from them in their system…You can also get it through my site: and there are all kinds of links here of places online that you can buy it like and for mainstream: Circuit City, Best Buy, FYE, and Sam Goody, Virgin Mega Store and more…

What's your favorite…?
Food: Man I can eat Let’s see Menudo, Lobster, Chicken and waffles with side of greens and some Catfish-peach cobbler for desert-yum!
Movie: Love action films…I like a bunch, but “National Treasure” would have to be one of my favorites.
Sport: Watch: Basketball…Play: Golf
Rapper: Macho of New Breed…T-Bone
Producer: D-Black
DJ: Skillspinz…Wow!!
Country: Ireland and Colombia…I will minister at both some day in Jesus name!
State: California kid!
Music: Hip-hop and worship…Nothing else
Bible verse: Luke 10:19

Any last words?
My name was originated from the book of John and the ministry of a modern day John The Baptist kind of thing…most recently God has shown me more and more that I equate with that of a Jeremiah I think…I really feel that I am blessed to have stayed in this ministry for all these years, but have come to realize that what I do is different. I am not saying I am this or that…No, I am saying that God has shown me that He has chosen this wretch of a vessel to bring a message that pushes buttons…some people can deal, and some can’t. You see fam, it has never and never will be just about the music for me…God did not call me to be popular and I’m cool with that…I see so much drama being a pastor and an artist on the road…people do things in the name of God and when it all comes down to it…there is a whole lot of self glorification going on and haters for days…What am I saying, I am saying be who god called you to be and all that you can be for him…If you called to be an mc, than be the best possible mc you can be…Whatever it is that you do, do it for your maker and know that tomorrow is not promised…Come by and visit: Thanks for the interview and much respect to DJ Zilla and

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