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How was your Christmas? Did you get to spend any time with friends and family?
My Christmas was wonderful! I spent it with my mom and dad, sister, nephew, and my 90 year old grandmother. We ate great! I thank GOD for another year. I was able to get downstairs, use the walker to get in the dining room and sit at the table. THE LORD Has definitely brought me a long way!

So, let's jump right into this interview. Why the name "A New Path"? What's that all about?
Well, I believe THE LORD led me to choose the title 'A New Path', because I was kind of starting over in my life. I've been through alot. I've had bouts with depression and anxiety, not to mention the spinal cord injury that occurred in 2003. GOD Has truly been with me over the years. I grew up loving secular Hip Hop and even rapping secular. I was raised in a Christian home, but my heart wasn't right. When THE LORD was ready for me to learn HIS WORD, I kind of turned over a new leaf. A couple of years after being 'born again' I started rapping with a more positive approach. I still was confused about alot of things, but THE LORD was dealing with me. After the spinal injury I had a lot of time on my hands. I dove into GOD'S WORD, and one day while surfing the online community of 'ebay' I saw a Sampling keyboard that my former producer used to use. I didn't have a lot of money, but I asked my mother to purchase it for me. She agreed, and I started to learn how to produce my own music. Well, when I did a beat that I really liked, I started to write the rap. And I went into the studio in the Summer of 2004 to record 4 songs. The first song I recorded was called 'A New Path'. I made up my mind to put the past behind believing that JESUS makes all things new! Hence the title 'A New Path.'

How is the CD doing right now? What are your plans for this CD?
Well, my plans are to start off small, and believe that THE LORD will prosper the project. In a few days it will be available on ''. It will also be available on certain 'digital download' sites such as i-tunes in the near future. I pray that GOD Will Bless the project to receive some online radio play. I'm trying to have a strong on-line presence with the project. At my dad's church, many people have mentioned that they want to purchase it. I received the cd shortly before Christmas so I was able to give some to friends and family members as stocking stuffers (lol).

I see you produced all of the music and did all of the vocals. How long have you been doing music? Do you have any other CD's?
Well, I've been rapping since the mid '80's. But I've only been producing for about 2 years. I've recorded music in the past, but 'A New Path' is my debut album.

What did you use to produce the music? Give us a peek into how you operate.
Well, as I mentioned earlier, I purchased a keyboard off of 'ebay'. The keyboard was an Ensoniq EPS. This is an old keyboard, but it was worth its weight in gold! While I was learning the in's and out's of the machine a friend encouraged me to find a recording studio. Well, GOD Blessed me to find one that wasn't too expensive and one that had a Ensoniq ASR -10 Sampler. All I had to do was bring my sampling discs to the studio, and my engineer had all the equipment I needed. This was truly a Blessing for the simple fact that I didn't have to carry a heavy keyboard with me when I went to my sessions.

One of my favorite tracks is the title track, "A New Path." From what I understand you have a powerful testimony. You injured your back a few years ago. You touch on that in this song. Tell me more about that. What happened and how have things been since then?
Well, in the Spring of 2003 I noticed some heaviness and numbness in my legs. I needed help to get around. I was still able to walk, but my balance was affected. I could walk down the steps, but I would have to hold on. We didn't know what was wrong. To this day the doctor's still don't have a difinitive answer. I'm not sure if this is the reason or not, but about 4 years ago or so some friends and I were at the park throwing a football around. I remember jumping up to catch it and it felt as if something snapped in my back. I felt some heat in my lower extremities and fell to the ground. Well, ofcourse my friends got a big kick out of it, but I was a little disturbed by it. Well, I got up and I didn't think nothing else of it until the 2003 incident. Well, after many tests the neurologist thought I had something called 'transverse melitus' which is inflammation of the spinal cord. I went through physical therapy for about a year and had a lot of improvement. They gave me exercises to do at home and that's where I'm at today. I'm able to get around short distances with a walker, but I'm mostly in a wheelchair. But, I know through CHRIST I'm already Healed! I really love 'A New Path' because it was a struggle for me to make it. The studio wasn't wheelchair accessible, so I had to do some crawling on the ground. The first session it was raining and I got all wet, but 'the show must go on'(lol). But seriously, my engineer was a real blessing. He made sure I was comfortable, and GOD Worked everything out for my good!

How has this impacted your family, friendships and relationship?
Ultimately, how has this affected your relationship with the Lord? Well, it has really brought me closer to my family. I really have a bigger appreciation for my mom and dad. They made sure I got to the studio. They made sure I had all I needed. They could only help so much, but they truly were a Blessing. This situation taught me who my REAL friends were! GOD showed me that a lot of people care about me, and that's always good to know. I don't have a lot of friends who check up on me, but I have a few that always make sure I'm doing fine. Ultimately this has brought me closer to the LORD. My Grandmother during Christmas dinner asked me how do I make it? She's 90 and she has some sight and hearing loss. I was able to tell her 'only through JESUS'. I'm really looking forward to the day when I am totally whole! I know 2006 is it!

How has the response been to the CD from others so far?
Most people have liked it. I haven't heard too much from people, but my friends and their friends seem to enjoy it.

What's your favorite song on the album?
Well, for a while my favorite song was track 5 'A New Path', but I think now my favorite is track 11 'THE LORD Does Care'. I also love Track 4 'Raise Me Up'.

How can others purchase the CD?
Well, on 12/29/05 they should be able to order it on But they can always go to my website and all the information on how to purchase it will be on there.

Mac, again, I appreciate the interview. Do you have any final words you would like to leave with the people?
Well, I would just like to first thank GOD for all HE's doing and what HE Continues to do! I want to REALLY thank you Zee. You didn't have to do this and you did. I really appreciate that. Everybody doing music for THE LORD keep pressin' on (I think I got that from 'the Yuinon's Genocide CD' {lol}) And remember 'with GOD all things are possible'! Never stop believing. And please keep me in your prayers! GOD BLESS.

God bless, man! Continue doing your thing for the Lord.


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