What do you want to achieve with your latest release "Disappear Here"? 
Joey the Jerk:
with every release we would love to impact someones life on many different levels. From scewing their view of what the radio tells them music should sound like, to chenging the stigma of christianity in America

500,000 albums sold

Who and what inspired you to write your lyrics in "Dissapear Here"? 
Life inspires us… good times, bad times, all that…as artists we express whatever it is that we go through and hopefully the listener is able to connect and enjoy our expression.
Joey the Jerk: whenever you sit down to write words you have to realize that in a big way they will represent you. so we try to express what we geniunley feel as not to be missrepresented. and this is what we have always done with any record. 

A great majority of your latest release "Disappear Here" touches on the issues of pain, struggle, and depression, what motivated you guys to take this route?
Life instances … once again…at that time of writing and recording Uno Mas was in the hospital wit a huge sickness, cookbook's father passed away, Joey's Grandfather passed away…all these things led to more serious subject matter cuz that's what we were going though….

Joey the Jerk:
the human life is full of pain struggle and deppresion. these themes will plague everyone breathing. at the end of the day your happiness, your joy, your whole experience will be determined on how you choose to deal with these things. and we felt like writing about real stuff, people go through real things and canrelate to it.

    I noticed your new album relied solely on the team of legendary producer Evidence and the Beat Junkies' DJ Rhetmatic, how did you come upon choosing those two for blending together the overall quality of the album? 
    Joey the Jerk:
    we work with people we feel make good music. we worked with evidence, dj rhettmatic, great jason, sup the chemist, madlib, murs, kiz charazmatic, and many more in the entire process of making the album.

FLYNN: We've always had mad respect for both those cats and evidence was cool enough to want to work with us…we've always talked to rhettmatic about doing somethign with him and this is just the first of more to come i'm sure.

Explain the story behind the song "Hold On," what affect does it have on you personally? 
It's a song about keeping the faith no matter what life throws at you.  I believe the only time we fail in life is if we give up.  Sometimes if we just hold on, that breakthrough is right around the corner.  I think that personally it is how we as LAS have lived, and how it's been for our careers.  we've had to keep the faith through a lot of hard stuff.

Joey the Jerk:
the music business is full of rejection, bein
g a part of it, and making an effect on someone’s life through music, standing up is what we believe has gotten us a lot of flack throughout the years, from Christians who say "your not Chri stian enough". When something like that spreads you think ‘where did this come from?’.  You question yourself… your motives…your music… and your calling. but no one can tell you what God has called you to do, and how. that is what this song reminds me of personally. hold on  because we have to answer to something greater than americans.

What are some of your personal favorite songs that you have recorded as a group in past years and why do you choose those songs? 
My personal favorite off of our latest album is Pop's Song.  It has meaning for me, because in the midst of recording disappear here, my father passed away.  We were already working on the song, but after that happened, it became that much more meaningful for me.

FLYNN: Dance Like – because it makes me wanna dance / Give  – that song is so real and nice / Money Song  – i love the humor and the track / Next [the end is now] – i always loved the energy on this track / 10[baloney]- this is definitely a favorite of mine off the baloney ep… good stuff / Win Win – another banger i love  

Joey the Jerk: dance like , rise , wonderful [the end is now],10 [baloney], heeve ho [the end is now[….its hard to list,there are so many that i like, it all depends on my mood.

Where do you see yourselves in the next 10 years? 
I see myself doing music in some shape or form. I may not be rapping anymore, but I see myself producing, and writing songs.  I love performing, so I'd love to continue perfroming in some capacity for the rest of my life.  Maybe I'll create some new style of music, and do shows till I'm 80.  who knows.  But I will have a family, and hopefully be able to enjoy the fruits of my labors now, with them then…

Joey the Jerk:
making music raising children, it doesnt have to change much. running a label managing bands songwriting.who knows, we could end up pastors…wherever god leads us.

FLYNN: doing big things…producing music, hopefully directing videos and films… who knows?  Whatever God ultimately leads me to do…

Are you guys working on any new projects?
Joey the Jerk:
  I will not tell 

FLYNN: I'm always working on tracks…just not exactly sure where they're going yet… but i know we're all working on our solo stuff.

Where can we buy your album? 
www.lasymphony.com, and in theory, anywhere cd's are sold, such as best buy, wherehouse, mom and pop's stores, etc…etc… and iTunes.

Any last words?
Hold On!