Tell all the readers about yourself.
Well, I grow up in the streets of Miami. I came to the United States at the age of 5, from South America. My parents didn’t have much money, so we lived in the hood for along time. I grew up seeing everything the world had to offer. So my mentality was I need to be like that or I might just die in these streets.

How did you start rapping?
I started to rap back when I was about 14 years of age, actually right around the time I got out of jail. I grow up listening to rap, in fact, hip hop taught me how to speak English, I would memorize the words and next thing I know I was talking English. So Hip Hop always had an influences on me, so I thought to myself, if these cats express the way they feel over a hot track, why can’t I. So I started to write, and try to express what I felt over a beat.

When did you get saved?
I got saved back in 1998, one year after I got out of school. In a holy hip hop concert I was invited too. One of the bands playing was 1WAY, one of the groups that Dj Morphiziz is in. They talked to me about Christ, and I gave my life from there and never looked back.

How did you come up with your name G-Notes?
Well, It was given to me really, when I came to Christ I use to go by “N.I. the Prime” (Notions Illustrate the prime minister), it was to long. But everybody in the Hood would call me “G”, reason why is because my real name is Gino. So one day my boy Trinitie, called me G-Notes, “G” Standing for Gino and “Notes” meaning my thoughts on life. So it Stock G-Notes.

What do you want to achieve with your new album "Life, Situations and Stories" vol.1?
I did this album in a very evangelistic state of mind. I thought first of my hood, all the thugs, gangsters, pimps, prostitutes and families that stay there. So the lord showed me, why not talk to them about me(Jesus) by showing them your life, your situations and your stories. Then the Lord showed me a bigger picture, its not just my Hood, but every Hood in every state that needs to hear this. So I want ever hood too hear this and say “Man, this cat lived like I did?’ “So there is hope.” “There is Freedom, from the hood.” I don’t have to BASH them or remind them that there are sinners, they now that already. I want to show them that Jesus, worked in my life and he can do the same in there’s.

Who and what inspires you when you write your lyrics?
Jesus and my surroundings play a big part in inspiring me to write lyrics. I don’t just want to write lyrics, but its like a way for me to express myself in that moment in that specific time for that specific person. I am always writing, in the car, in my mind even when I have meetings. I have caught myself freestyle in my head. Then writing down the line I thought of or sayed.

What's your favorite song in the album?
Man, that’s hard to say, I got a good few. The project over all is really hot. But there always some joints that get your attention. “My Philosophy feat Dj Morphiziz” is really hot track. “Street Soldiers” is a real favorite in the Hood. “Streets are Calling feat. Melodie Joy” is one of my Favorite tracks, real commercial and it really hits home, that happen to one of my boys. “Destiny” I put on just to remember on some of the things I have gone through, it reminds me “I have a Destiny”. “Pain” is just a Sick track as well as “No Limit” I keep those tracks on my I Pod Shuffle. “Saturday Night” Considered one of the most controversial songs on the album, why, because I feel they don’t like it because it’s the truth. That happens everyday in Miami. I know, I’ve been there and still have friend that are in that same situation. “Enjoy Life” is mad hot. But there is also “San Juan Night” which is based on the life of my wife’s Uncle who lives in Puerto Rico. And the last track I love is “Real Love feat. Melodie Joy” This was written shortly after I found out I was going to be a Father. I feel like that songs shows exactly how I feel towards my Lord, my Wife and my Son. The Hook on that I wrote myself, but Melodie Joy KILLED IT with the vocals.

Are you working on any other projects?
I just finished doing Two Spanish Joints for this worship group in Miami. There CD is entitle “New Wine: Santo & Grande” I just finishing a track in Spanish for this Spanish singer called Poll. I am almost finishing with “G-Notes: Mi Vida” it’s a full length album with Rap and Reggetion for the Spanish market. And in January I start to work on my next album entitled”Bright Lights-Dead Cities”

You also own Do Seven Design Group, Underground Blaze records, UGB Store and All City Magazine.
Yes I do, along side with my business partners Vanessa Vela, Leo ”Risen Son” Alvarado & Alvaro “Money Man” Carcahi. Do Seven is an ad agency locate in Miami, we have done things like Corey Red & Precise album cover, Dj Morphiziz, Just.Live, Probly Pablo, Mainstay & Melodie Joy’s Websites. This is just to name a few. UGB Store started off as an idea in just selling our CD’s and has grown into a full website and physical store located in Miami as well. All City Magazine has been around since August of the year 2004 and January we will be finalizing all the deals to make this an on-line magazine that will feature Hip Hop, Rock, Worship and Gospel artist as well as different articles. And there is our indie Record Label That will be One Year old in November. Underground Blaze Records, we released “Mainstay: Twice in a Lifetime” Nov.04, “Probly Pablo: What the streets need…Mixtape” April 05 and has sold 1000 units to date and we have just released my solo projected entitle “G-Notes: Life, Situations & Stories Vol.1” Sept.05.

What are the next album releases with Underground Blaze records?
We have two projects we are working on as we speak.
1. John Gifted: The Stand Point
2. Probly Pablo: Untitled

When will you release the 1st issue of the All City magazine?
We are looking to release the first issue early next year. There are still some legal issues we are trying to work out but we are projecting an early next year release via internet.

What Artists have you already worked with?
I’ve worked some great artist, Dj Morphiziz, Breeze, 1way, Descendents, Doris Machin, Poll, Mainstay, Probly Pablo, Elements of God, Anonymous and Walking Dead. I would like to work with more in the near future.

What Artist do you want to work with?
Like to callabo with T-Bone, Da Truth, Japhia Life, Rob Hodge, Shabach, Vico C, Funky, Pee Wee Callins, Canton Jones, John Legend, Mary Mary, Kurt Franklin, Toby Mac, 4th Avenue Jones, Kutless, Jemery Camp, Hillsong, KJ-52 and KRS-ONE. Just to name a few.

If you had to do another genre of music, what would it be?
Man, I would like to say R-n-B/Soul.

Why that one?
Well, I love the whole RnB feel. But I am not talking about singing, more like writing and producing, building an artist from the ground up.

Where Can we buy your album?
You can get it in or in the bus-shop ( You can also download it in If you are local in the 305, you can get it in any Christian book store.

What's your favorite…?
Food: Peruvian
Movie: All Star Wars Joints
Sport: Football and Boxing
Rapper: Jay-Z & Biggie
Producer: Just blaze, Kanye West & Dr. Dre
DJ: Dj Morphiziz, & Tony Touch
Country: USA
State: FLA.
Music: Hip Hop and R-n-B
Bible verse: James 1:21 Therefore put away all filthiness and rank growth of wickedness and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls.

Any last words?
Check out for info., &