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Tell all the readers about yourself.
What up fam, my name is 3D Remedy, currently I've release the cure ep, I'm the CEO of Evolution Musik, and i'm working on finishing my LP entitled The C.U.R.E. LP

How did you start rapping?
Actually, I wrote my first "verse" at the age of 12 and it was a Gospel joint, I never really wrote any secular stuff.  During my teens I kept writing but never recorded anything just writing.  By the age of 20 (About 2 Years ago) Is when I really started rapping and Recording. You ask How? I was really influenced by T-Bone and The Cross-movement.  They the ones that really made me feel like this can be done.  Even though i was writing way before i ever heard of "Christian rap."

How did you come up with your name 3D Remedy?
Long story. (LOL) At one point i was asked this so much i posted an official answer on my web-site. In a few short words it stands for 3rd Day Remedy.  3rd Day resembles the resurrection of Christ but it also Resembles a 3rd Millennium we are in the 3rd millennium so basically means a Remedy for this millennium or Generation.

When will you release your album?
The Full LP looks like it will be release January 1st 2006.  This is what I'm aiming for, If not definitely sometime first quarter 2006.3

What was the response of the public from your EP "Da C.U.R.E."?
Response, i would have to see was really good, a lot of people supported the ministry, a lot of people really related to the music.  Everyone needs a CURE, we all can relate to that, from the church to the streets, the suburbs everyone, in Africa, in Asia, Where ever your at.  .

What does the "C.U.R.E." mean in the EP title?
C.U.R.E. Is is an acronym for "Christ Uncensored Revolution Experience"  meaning an unlimited experienced with Christ.  To many opinion of who Christ is or what he represents and what he can do etc.  I'm talking about the Christ with nothing attached.  Not like, hey this is Christ, but you gotta stop doing this, and you gotta do this better….nah, nothing like that.  We're talking about Christ, in his truest form UNCENSORED!  It involved Hip-Hop along with worship, You see to many people think "worship" is a genre but it's not.  It's a form of expression, it's adoration.  It's not a "type" music.  This is what we are showing,  da CURE is to have this worship that is in you to be expressed to God. The God who is uncensored.  Ahhhh You got me preaching up in here….I can go on for days, but this is basically what it is..look up john 9 that's a CURE.

Who and what inspires you when you write your lyrics?
I mean of-course, God give us the talent, So I'm mos defiantly inspired by the Holy Spirit, but there are alot of things that inspire me to write, I don't know if it's always inspiration but sometimes it's more like motivation or even an necessity.  Like i see our society, that motivates me to write about our situations, my testimony, inspires me to share with others,  Even people inspire me, there's alto of fellow ministers I listen to, and enjoy their music.

What's your favorite song on your EP?
Aaaah, tough one, but as much as I love all of them and I love the "hits" Like "Knock it out" is one that….I'm very impressed with, lyrically, beat wise, arrangement, but my favorite I'd have to say "America Bless God."  That one was all Jesus.

Are you working on any other projects?

Actually, My label "Evolution Musik" has 2 artist at the time, and we are working on our a few mixtapes such as Salted Streets, and on Miz Rock's EP will be dropping soon.

What Artists have your already worked with?
Aaaah Um, let me see, I've worked with, Ason, ADF, DJ Maestro 1, DJ Tony Tone, DJ I Rock Jesus, 2: Eleven, Intellegentz, Miz Rock, Reason, Foolish & Verse, Lil La La I think that's it for now, also expect to hear some new voices on the LP

What Artist do you want to work with?
Hmmmm, It would be cool to work with Todd Bangz, T-Bone, CM one day.  That would be a blessing.

If you had to do another genre of music, what would it be?

LOL, I think I'd sing, I love to do it.  Just don't got the vocals for it. (lol)

Where Can we buy your album?
You can find the EP at my site and other distribution companies like CD Baby and Tower Records.  Prayfully, the LP you'll find in stores everywhere.

What's your favorite…?
Food: Rice & Beans w/ Steak and fried plantains
Movie: Wow, Passion of the Christ
Sport: Basket Ball
Rapper: J.A.Z. of ADF
Producer: Todd Bangz
DJ: DJ I Rock Jesus
Country:  US BABY c'mon
State:  NY FAM! (lol)
Music: Hip Hop
Bible verse: 1 Corinthians 13

Any last words?
Cop the CD! at God bless ya'll – This is the C.U.R.E.


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