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Robert Frost’s famous poem titled, “The Road Not Taken” describes the choices we make when facing a crossroads of life and how they affect our lives in the future. The closing line of the poem, ” I took the one less traveled by…” is often quoted as a creed for those fighting for independence. Besides that universal appeal, the poem lines up pretty well Biblically, echoing a section of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 7:13-14).

Everyone’s favorite crew from Portland has returned with the long-awaited follow up to the independent smash hit, Pure Thoughts . Releasing through Tres Records is Wrong Way, an album that encourages listeners to choose the right paths in life and take into account the possible repercussions of a wrong choice. Exuding with a positive energy, the album returns hip hop music back to it’s basics, looking back on the individual careers of Braille, Othello, and Ohmega Watts, bringing the old school sensibilities and noble intentions to a modern settings as if to show what hip hop could’ve been had the right path been chosen long ago. It’s easy to simply point out the problems with hip hop, of which there are many, but Lightheaded chooses the high road, exemplifying a hip hop that’s headed in the right direction. “Orientation” starts the album off with a brief introduction to the trio for the benefit of those just joining their fan base. “Individually Wrapped” also offers a number of glimpses of group’s history with informative verses from each of the members. The rest of the album takes its cue from this opening track, featuring organic and free-flowing beats that ease the listener into the world of Lightheaded. The album covers such topics as making a lasting impression (“Timeless”), appropriate ways of pursuing relationships (“Short Stories”), reaching out to the world around us (“Afraid of the Dark”), and relating to God in a real and practical way (“Eye to Eye”).

Ohmega Watts handled most of the production in-house, but the album also has touches of production from Stro the 89th (Procussions), Tony Stone, and Muneshine as well as cuts from DJ Bombay, DJ Manwell, DJ DNA, and Rob Swift. A clear favorite, “In the Building” sweeps the listener away with deft production and a whirlwind pace that should be very well received. Other standout tracks include the fun but short instrumental, “Bing Pong,” the funk-laden “Soul Power,” which features live musicians, and “Unconditional,” a track that’s really laid back and smooth.

To quote the title track, “Lightheaded, uh huh, [they’re] here to stay.” Wrong Way quickly reminds listeners why there was such a buzz around Pure Thoughts and moves us against the current to a place where hip hop meets real life. Lightheaded proves once again that they are a force to be reckoned with and a trio that is not to be missed.

Release Date: October 03, 2005

Label: Tres Records

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1. Orientation
2. Timeless
3. In the Building
4. Individually Wrapped
5. Showcase
6. Bing Pong
7. Short Stories
8. Soul Power
9. Afraid of the Dark
10. Unconditional
11. Wrong Way
12. Uhh!
13. Eye to Eye
14. Speak Your Peace
15. Surprise Cypher (Remix)

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