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Interview – DJ Morphiziz


Tell all the readers about yourself.
I'm originally from Chicago, lived in LA, Anchorage AL, and Guatemala City. And beside's the DJ thing, I also work with an Urban Outreach Ministry in Palm Beach FL called Souljournministries.org

How did you start DJaying?
That's was by accident, when I
was young it was B-boying and Graff that got my attention at first and I went over a friend of a friends house and he had a DJ set up, I got on just to mess around and instantly fell in love with the tables.

How did you come up with Morphiziz?
Well Morphiziz is short for Metamorphosis, that'
s the process I went through when God saved me. Like a Caterpillar changes to a Butterfly God took something ugly due to my sin and by His grace changed me into something beautiful spiritually. I'm the same creature physically, but spiritually completly different.

How did you hook up with Beatmart for mixing the "Best of the Submissions"  mixtapes?
I started touring with KJ52 bout 2 years ago and hit him off with my stuff, KJ walked it into to Todd Collins and God put grace on it and we went to work on BOTS vol 1

What is your goal with the latest release of the Best of the Submissions (volume 2)?
The goal is simple, to use these mixtapes to share Gods love for mankind, and the beauty bout
the mixtape is that it can appeal to those that love the mixtape format/culture due to all the different flava that each MC brings on the record.

What is your favorite track in the BOTS volume 1 and 2?
Vol 1- Extra Extra
Vol 2- Let It go

Do you have any other mixtapes out?

"NOT YET" baby, in the works though!

Will you do one with the Descendantz?
With Descendantz we focusing on the album right now, we taking it slow but right, after its done is fam is with it It's done!, but the record is priority over mixtape. Meanwhile peep Descendantz.com

Are you planning to do any other mixtapes besides the Best of Submissions?
Oh no doubt, like I said before, they in the works meng.

Do you produce tracks? If not do you want to?
Yeah I do, I've produced several jointz on national albums already. I'm currently in the lab cookin up new trax.

Are you working on any future projects?
Just got finished working with a dude calle G-Notes from Miami, He got a crazy record, got jointz on the come up on Descendantz record and 1Ways new record.

Have you worked with any other DJ's?

I'd love to collab with some ill dudes, the opportunity hasn't presented
itself yet.

What Artist do you want to work with?
Feeling Triumph, Da Truth, Mute Math,

What was the best thing that happened in your DJ career?
Gettin saved kiddo, I was soo focused on getting on with a cru or a club that it had become my God, when I layed it all down for God, he turned right around and in a short amount of time put me to do my thing for Him

How was it touring with KJ52?
Yo KJ's my man yo, It's been a blessing, He cool and really has a dope heart for ministry yo

What's your favorites…?
Food: Carne Asada from El Chapin
Movie: all the Star Wars jointz
Sport: Soccer
Rapper: Edddie Nigma (Descendantz)
Producer: Just Blaze
DJ: Roc Raida
Country: U.S.A.
State: FL
Music: Rock en espanol
Bible verse: Heb 11:1

Any last words? Yeah man, any platfom that u get to influence people, use it to glorify God y'all Peep DJMORPHIZIZ.COM soon, we're launching my new mix show called "Mix Methodz" y'all Also come show some love on the Kutless "Strong Tower" tour, see DJ Morphiziz doing his thing in your city yo… Shouts to 1Way, Descendantz, Stagestalker Entertainment, Souljourn Ministries And May God's blessingz always rest on y'all 

Pictures taken by: John Rood at the EO Youth Day 2005 in the Netherlands


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