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Since his first CD release in 2000, DJ Maj has introduced the most original and innovative hip-hop artists in the music industry to a broader audience. It’s quite possible that you heard Pigeon John, 4 th Avenue Jones’, L.A. Symphony, Mars Ill, The Procussions, New Breed & Shonlock for the first time through one of Maj’s 3 mixtape releases(WaxMuseum, Full Plates & Ringleader).

In the studio and behind the scenes, DJ Maj has exposed us to the production talents of Incorporated Elements(Ric “DJ Form” Robbins & Otto “Sugar Bear” Price) in addition to the vocal talents of Mat Kearney(now on Inpop Records), Antonio “Phelon” Neal(now on EMI Records), Nirva Dorsaint(touring with Toby Mac’s DiverseCity) and indie artist Jason Eskridge. All of the artists mentioned have experienced increased popularity and exposure since their appearances on the DJ Maj mixtape projects. With his new CD release “BoogiRoot”, it is now time to shine that light of exposure on his next featured artist…DJ Maj.

With “BoogiRoot”, DJ Maj picks up where he left off, with what was only hinted on “DJ Maj Attack” and other tracks from his previous release “Ringleader”. You quickly discover that the man behind the wheels of steel not only has the talent to rock the mic and move the crowd as an artist in his own right, but also that he has an important message of relevance to say to that same crowd.

Maj always knows how to set off the vibe for his CD releases. On “BoogiRoot”, he does so with the track ““Rated R””. Utilizing poetry, a rap verse and a switching of sorts with Michael Tait introducing the LP in the role of a radio DJ. “U(niversal)Appeal” is the first full music track and is full of energy that is fueled by a solid hook, verses by Maj and guest emcees Manchild(Mars Ill) and former Profile Records artist Special Ed(remember the hip-hop track “I’m The Magnificent”?) then spiced with turntable cuts by DJ Maj. Next on “BoogiRoot” the title cut where Maj is joined by fellow DiverseCity bandmate Gabe Real which continues the central theme of a universal celebration of eternal life. ““H.A.N.D.S.”” tweaks the hip-hop/R&B music formula a bit with a gritty guitar hook mixed with smoothed out vocals of Michael Tait, giving Maj a solid music track to spit his verse encouraging listeners to let go of their inhibitions, showing the world how to party for real. ““Let’s Go”” re-teams Maj up with another member of Diverse City/solo indie artist Shonlock and Dave “Monsta” Lynch. This is a great jam to bump either at a BBQ or in your convertible on hot summer day.

After the interlude appropriately titled ““Lil’ Sump”” featuring another great R&B vocal hook, we hear another track for the summer days called ““Love Is Beautiful””, Maj’s collaboration with new Gotee artist/producer Liquid Beats. Today’s radio could really use this smoothed out hip-hop/R&B love story with a memorable hook. Contrasting was is usually heard on R&B stations with this song, typifying the mystery of the beginnings of a relationship leading to everlasting love.

““Can’t Take It Away”” has DJ Maj backed by TobyMac, as Maj shares insight into his own personal story of faith and shares with the world the fact that our faith cannot be shaken. Things on “BoogiRoot” are smooth out again with the looped beat behind the track “”Soul Window”” featuring MOC and Ayiesha, which invites the listener again to partake in the perfect peace by simply breathing it in.

After another interlude “”Rhyme Pocket”” featuring a short and sweet verse by Verbs, “BoogiRoot” keeps it going with the track “Up “All Nite”” teaming Maj with Flynn and Sharlok Poems of L.A. Symphony. ““Ballin’ Chains”” is a booming track featuring DJ Maj. The beat may remind you of a style similar to the group Outkast. This song encourages hip-hop artists to resist the lure of materialism and to beware of perpetrating such a lifestyle in their songs and in their videos.

“”Through The Night”” with KJ-52 lays a nice piano based hook for Maj to share more from his life along with his resolute determination to live a genuine life 24/7 while encouraging us to do the same. “BoogiRoot” closes with the track “”Gotta Go”” with vocal hooks again provided by Liquid Beats. This song is a loving tribute to his wife and articulates the appreciation for sacrifices of a woman who’s husband is consistently away from home on the road touring. All Hip-hop husbands may want to pay particular attention to this one.

“BoogiRoot” is not a mix tape, however the party vibe, guest collaborations and exposing of new talent are definitely consistent with his 3 previous releases. “BoogiRoot” is the new and latest chapter from an artist who understands that there is a time to shine the light of recognition on others and a time for your light to shine and recognize what the Creator has given you to share with the world. Even though he continues on in his role as a DJ, Maj is definitely evolving past his DJ moniker with this release; and even though you can expect another mixtape(listen closely to Maj’s verse at the end of the track “Up All Nite”) “BoogiRoot” has definitely evolved past the limitations of a mixtape.

Release Date: July 19, 2005

Label: Gotee Records

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1. Rated R
2. Uappeal
3. Boogiroot (The Anthem)
4. H.A.N.D.S
5. Let’s Go
6. Lil Sump Interlude
7. Love (So Beautiful)
8. Can’t Take It Away
9. Soul Window
10. Rhyme Pocket Interlude
11. Up All Nite
12. Ballin’ Chains
13. Through the Night
14. Gotta Go Now


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