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Everyone has something in there past that is regrettable. Whether it’s something you’ve done or something you’ve neglected, someone you miss or an opportunity you never took advantage of, there’s something that haunts us about the way our lives have played out. It’s part of our human nature to simply wonder, “what if?” What if I had done this, or hadn’t have done that? However, life happens in the present, not in the past. It is our responsibility to learn what we can from our pasts and move on, growing and improving during the process.

Rapper Change steps up to the plate to deliver a message that challenges us to take this responsibility seriously, leaving our pasts behind and pressing forward to finish out the weeks of our lives with a flourish. It’s all too easy to rely on the crutch of past failures or hardships to prevent us from making forward progress, but Change, with songs like “Come So Far” and “I Remember” pushes the envelope and proves that one can go beyond the limitations of these past experiences. Also explored deeply on this album is the theme of loss. Whether it’s being lost in life and “homesick” (“Heartaches”) or dealing with the loss of a loved one (“Tuesday Mournings”), Change spends a fair amount of time remembering those we’ve loved and lost along the way.

Despite his forward-thinking message, Change has a strong foothold in the roots of hip hop music. His delivery and style have a sense of old-school mentality to them that is undeniable, adding to the theme of reminiscing about the past as we create the future. Tracks like “I’m Back” and “Take It Back” serve as excellent examples of this double-edged sound of modern production quality mixed with a nonchalant, throwback style of rhyming. On a whole the production gives a nice combination of sounds and elements that find a nice balance between feeling good and street mentality.

Tuesday Mournings has something that will appeal to pretty much everyone. Hardcore hip-hop fans will appreciate the almost thuggish feel to some of the tracks while fans of the radio flavored hip-hop will also have some tracks to satisfy their tastes. It’s a solid effort through and through that opens the door for Change to press on and reach more of his goals.

Release Date: May 17, 2005

Label: Skripted Sandz Records

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1. Respect Intro
2. I’m Back
3. Atheists
4. 6 Shots feat. Boombox Titans
5. Take It Back
6. Somebody Tell Me feat. Kid Sundance
7. Signed My Fate
8. Tuesday Mournings
9. I Remember
10. She Was… feat. Manchild of Mars Ill
11. Searching feat. K-Otic
12. Heartaches
13. He Was…
14. You Do You
15. Come So Far
16. Tears of a Man feat. K-Otic
17. I Live It

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