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It’s been a minute since we’ve heard anything new from Sev Statik. The last time we heard from the Pointman, he was telling us to Speak Life on his album released by now-defunct Uprok Records. Now Sev is going the independent route and releasing his newest material in the form of Slow Burn. This project is 13 tracks of straight heat from Albany, New York.

The album starts off strong with the title track “Slow Burn” which serves as a nice introduction into the remainder of this lyrically heavy album. One of the things that you’ll immediately notice when you begin playing this album is that Sev Statik is a lot more comfortable with himself and his lyricism and delivery are a lot more fluent. His previous works were dope, but you just get the sense that with this album, Sev is really being himself and able to just let his words flow from the pen & pad to his vocal cords. Including the intro (“Slow Burn”), tracks that eloquently depict his newfound comfort in emceeing would include “Line Life,” “Spare Change,” and “Crime of the Century” to name just a few. What I really like about Sev’s delivery on this album is that it’s simultaneously direct and laid back; it’s almost as if Sev is just having a conversation with you.

As far as production goes on this album, it’s consistently good throughout. Several producers laid down tracks for this album and the credits include: Tony Stone, Joey Beats, and Shawn J. Period to name just a few. Each producer brings something different to the table, and Sev is able to diversify his flow to match each of the tracks. Having a myriad of producers on the album keeps the music sounding fresh from start to finish, and you just have to love the musical interludes between tracks.

In summary, this album is very solid from beginning to end. Again, Sev Statik speaks life through his music. A lot of the subject matter is more direct than it has been in the past, but that doesn’t make the music any less dope; it’s a display of how well Sev can talk about anything over any beat. Slow Burn is very solid and one of the best projects that I’ve heard thus far in 2005.

Release Date: May 1, 2003

Label: Indie

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1. Slow Burn [Explicit]
2. Son Come Down
3. As One
4. Line Life
5. Wasted Tears
6. Well Traveled
7. Crime Of The Century
8. Love You Anyway
9. Kept The Break
10. Contrast
11. Spare Change
12. And Uhhh…
13. Keep An Eye Out

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