IDOL King is one of the original holy hip-hop pioneers, and it’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard anything from these guys. Well, if you’ve never heard of this crew, you’ve missed out on some of the hottest west coast rap that holy hip-hop has to offer. Regardless of whether you’ve heard of IDOL King, the crew is back and they’re hitting hard with their latest release titled Not By Might on Wise Ant Music. 

Not By Might isn’t your average Christian rap album, because it’s not just Christian rap, this album is true holy hip-hop. One of the reasons that this crew came back and put out this particular album is because they see a lot of artists not staying true to the original intent of holy hip-hop; as a result, their desire is to inspire artists to produce true holy hip-hop music. In doing so, Not By Might is an album laced with 26 blazing tracks bringing you the (Holy) Spirit in Hip-Hop.

Just as I stated above, what you get with this album is Christ inspired rhymes over ill west coast beats. Topics on this project range from the return of Christ to prayer to pornography and more. Each track is delivered with precision and deals on a topic that is relevant to either the believer or someone who is seeking the truth. With all that is encompassed in this album, this serves as the blueprint of what true holy hip-hop should look like when it’s done with perfection. 

In all, I really enjoyed this album. It was good and refreshing to hear from one of holy hip-hop’s pioneers and see that they still have the talent to put out a quality product. Any true fan of holy hip-hop should have this in their collection and I’d recommend it to friends. Keep it locked, as we hope to hear more from IDOL King in the future.